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Due to limited time during club day, many applicants were unable to fill out the required application essay.
Please enter your information and fill out the essay at the end.

This application will be due November 9th.

Please try to keep your responses brief. Quality over quantity.
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List all leadership activities you have held since 9th grade.Include a written statement as to how you demonstrate leadership in your everyday life. This brief paragraph should explore a specific incident in which you have displayed leadership. The goal of these essays is to help the committee get to know you as a person so please choose an example that not only demonstrates leadership but also who you are as an individual. *
Service: Please list and document service to others over the preceding two years. Service might include club, church, school, home, or community. For each activity list dates, sponsors, and phone numbers to allow verification. Please use the following format: Activity, Dates, Sponsor, Sponsor's phone #. Service is about what you do to help the school and larger community. As a general rule, activities that you are expected to participate in (choral concerts, club fundraisers, judging debate tournaments, etc) are not considered service. Please list club/team activities here only if the club is specifically a service organization like Boy Scouts or Key Club. *
Evidence of your character will be evaluated by the faculty council based on NHS definitions and comments from the faculty as a whole. The council will examine your documented behaviors as well as faculty comments. Please attach a brief statement on what integrity means in your life. This brief paragraph should explain what character means to you on a personal level and should explore an incident in which your character was tested or you demonstrated good character. Do not use a dictionary definition; we are looking for your unique understanding of the nature of integrity. *
Commitment: Respond to the following topic: “Why I should be selected for NHS and what I can contribute if selected.” This should be a brief essay—not a paragraph. Explain what you can add to the National Honor Society. In your answer you may want to consider such things as your personality, dedication, enthusiasm, skills, and concerns. As with the other essays, we are looking to see you as an individual so be specific and be clear. *
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