Workshop Application: Anti-racist parenting leads to anti-racist kids
WORKSHOP BACKGROUND: Parenting is a mix of a parent’s childhood experiences and culturally informed values woven into daily practice. In this current political moment, we are all confronting our own actions (or inactions) as individuals. But as parents and homeschooling educators, we are also simultaneously searching for resources to communicate with our children without traumatizing them or perpetuating our own ignorance.

Through this cutting-edge parenting workshop, Jyoti Gupta draws on her critically and academically acclaimed activity book for children, Different Differenter, to empower parents as they learn how to facilitate independent thinking in their own children through play.

We will spend four weeks fearlessly unpacking our own biases as parents and learning how to nurture inclusive values in our families around these topics. In these foundational sessions, we will train as a group, while also partaking in multidisciplinary experiences such as watching media, storytelling, and engaging in craft-based activities.

This is a judgment-free zone!
Each session includes an intimate discussion period where parents are encouraged to ask questions and express their feelings towards each topic. This is a time we’ll use to facilitate our own understanding of these issues and educate ourselves to grow through the process.

ABOUT JYOTI GUPTA: Jyoti Gupta, is an author, arts-based racial literacy educator, and founder of The Colo(u)rism Project ( Her academically-acclaimed, colorism-focussed racial literacy approach has been adopted and praised by community organizations, nonprofits, academia, elementary schools, and institutions of higher education from New York City to Houston to New Delhi.

WHO SHOULD APPLY: Our program is targeted to parents of small children and kids. Parents with children ages 18-months to 9 years should consider applying. If you are a parent of an older child and are interested in a similar program for teenagers, please contact

Of note: we run a separate training during the school year for educators, teachers, and corporations. Reach out to us about your interest in these fields at to be sent more information on these sessions.
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