Embodied Counter Communication (ECC)

Thank you for your interest in Embodied Counter Communication (ECC) a framework informed by intercultural Coda (Children of Deaf Adults) wisdom. ECC is a holarchy of attunement focused on improving conversations through the development of relational and counter communication (Ouzounian, 2020) skills.

I am available for various types of engagements, including educational presentations, white caucusing/ally skill building events, conference keynotes, and experiential workshops.

My preference is for experiential workshops where participants can move their bodies, make signs with their hands, sounds with their mouths, and work to understand and be understood in old and new ways. In these spaces there may be moments of uncomfortable encounter, Deaf culture norms that feel confusing, and vulnerability as participants use ECC’s framework to role-play and improvise different scenarios of equity action.

Please be as detailed as you can in your inquiry so we can determine if this will be a good fit. I require a deposit to reserve dates of service.

(References: Ouzounian, G. (2020). Counterlistening. ESC: English Studies in Canada 46(2), 311-317. https://doi.org/10.1353/esc.2020.a903549)

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