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We'd love to hear about your experience with Atlassian products. Take this opportunity to shine and submit your speaker application today. If approved, you will get a free pass to the event.

Here is how it works:

* You complete this simple form
* We review your application and reach out to you for some details
* We hope to approve all applications but might be forced to save some presentations for a later event due to balance and schedule

We are looking for speakers with in-depth knowledge and interesting stories to tell.

To improve your chances to speak at Enterprise Day, address these questions:

* Is it relevant? Provide context about your subject matter, and make sure to describe the problem/issue you're addressing.
* Is it unique? Tell us why you think this topic is special.
* Is it specific? Give concrete examples of the topics you'll cover.
* Are there takeaways? Include 2-3 things that attendees will learn.
* Is your abstract too long? Keep it as concise and to the point as possible.

Fill out the form to complete your speaker application.

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We will review all applications and try to get a great mix, don’t be sad if we can’t fit you in this year. If your talk is selected, you will get a free pass to the event. We are looking forward to your application.
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