ADMA Application 2018
Welcome to the Africa Digital Media Academy – a project under the Government of Rwanda Workforce Development Authority.

ADMA is an intensive digital media training program designed to train students to international digital media production standards with the goal of full-time employment in the sector – locally, regionally and/or internationally.

This application is the first step in assessing your interest and aptitude as a digital media professional. Please answer each question. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Profile and Contact Data
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Given Name
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Contact Phone Number
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Contact Email
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Rwanda ID or Passport Number
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Highest Grade Level Completed
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Interest, Knowledge, and Aptitude
How did you learn about the program?
Have you ever visited the ADMA facility?
If "yes" to visiting facility, what date did you visit?
List up to three original projects you have completed in which you used digital media or creative arts.
Provide links to work if available.
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Students can achieve up to three levels of certification (each level takes approximately 1 year). What level of certification do you hope to achieve?
Why are you interested in enrolling in ADMA?
Rate your experience doing the following
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Basic User
Intermediate User
Advanced User
Video Editing
Audio Recording
3D Animation
Studio Drawing
Studio Painting
Employment History and Financial Support
Have you been employed within the last 12 months?
If yes to above question of employment, how would you best describe your employment status?
If yes to above question of employment, what is your current job title.
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If yes to above question of employment, select what best describes the your regular working hours
If yes to above question of employment, what is your monthly net income in RWF?
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Are you expecting to change jobs within the next 12 months?
Have you participated in any other TVET programs?
English Language Skills
Reading Comprehension
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