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In this section we'd like to get to know you better and understand your motivation for the program. So please be creative and elaborate your descriptions.
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How was your life when you were growing up? What does a typical day in your life currently look like? What is something you are really passionate about? What are your dreams? What would like to be busy with in 5 years?
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Are you able to host another team member for about 1 week during the program?* *
During the Buddy Exchange two participants will visit each other. Ideally they will be hosted in each others homes. Hosting means that you and the people you live with can provide a bed and meals for the person who comes visit. You should also have time during that week to show your buddy around and give them an experience of your life.
How much can you contribute financially to the program? *
The program costs around 2500 Euros per person but we would like everyone to contribute according to their means. This amount covers travel and accommodation costs for all phases of the program. Selections for the NOW Journey will be made in a way to make the program accessible to those who usually can't participate in this kind of experiences, while at the same time covering the costs.
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