Live Kyma performance proposal for KISS2016: Emergence
Propose a live Kyma performance related to the theme of Emergence. If, in addition to proposing a live performance, you also propose a Technical presentation describing some of the challenges overcome and lessons learned while composing this work, you will greatly enhance the likelihood that your piece will be accepted for live performance at KISS2016! (The live performance category is by far the most popular and the hardest one in which to get accepted, so we strongly recommend that you do this!)
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Duration of the live performance *
Since we typically receive more proposals for live performances than is possible to schedule on the (limited number) of concerts, we may not be able to accept proposals for concert pieces that are longer than 10' duration. If you have a longer performance in mind, please consider proposing it for the Club, the Dome, or as a Lecture/demo rather than for the concert venue. Thanks!
What is your preferred performance venue? (check all that apply) *
Please note that the duration of performances in the Concert hall should be under ten minutes. For longer performances, please select one or more of the other venues. Thanks!
Brief program note *
Please describe how your performance is related to the conference theme and/or sub-themes. *
Are you proposing a companion talk or workshop to describe this live performance? *
Hint: Your chances of getting accepted are more than doubled if you also propose a companion talk, demo, or workshop.
If your proposal is accepted, what would be your anticipated arrival date in Leicester? *
5-6 September 2016 are reserved for rehearsals at De Montfort University. From 7-11 September, during the symposium, you will have an assigned tech/setup time, but there are unlikely to be opportunities for extra rehearsals.
Please provide a link to a biography for each composer and performer. *
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Which sound engine are you bringing along with you? *
How many line-level audio outputs will you be sending us from your audio interface (or your own small stage mixer)? *
What kind of output connectors does your audio interface have? *
What type of inputs are available on your interface? *
If you are using microphones, do they require preamps? *
How many live acoustic inputs does your performance setup require? *
Please describe what type of microphone(s) you need and whether you plan to bring your microphone(s) along with you. Will you need mic stands and clips? How many? *
If your piece includes video, what is the video output format of your laptop(s) or tablet(s)? *
Please bring along any mini display port and/or Thunderbolt adaptors that you might need
Where should the laptop, Pacarana, and audio interface be positioned for the performance? *
Please check any of the positions that would be workable for you.
Please describe any visibility/audibility constraints. Do performers have to be able to see the screen? Are stage monitors required? *
Please list other "furniture" you may need for the performance: how many tables, chairs, music stands, lights, podium, or other non-electrical items are needed? *
Approximately how many UK power outlets will you require for your performance? Does all of your equipment work with 230 V, 50 Hz? *
Your laptop & Paca(rana) will work without voltage-converters but you may need plug adapters for your AC cords.
For reference, here's a UK power strip & plug:
How much physical setup time is needed? *
From the time you walk in the door until the time you can provide sound output?
How much time is required for your sound level (and/or video) check? *
Please note that this is just a sound check, not a full rehearsal. De Montfort is providing rehearsal times and facilities on the pre-conference days: 5-6 September 2016.
Anything else? Please let us know about any other considerations (technical or otherwise) that we may have overlooked.
Please check: Yes! *
Since KISS2016 is all about human interaction, we ask that, should your proposal be accepted, you will attend the symposium to present your work (if unavoidable, unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent your attendance, your presentation may have to be dropped from the program). Also, since the proposals are carefully reviewed by a selection committee, we ask that if your proposal is accepted, that you not substitute a different proposal without submitting the new proposal for a full review by the selection committee. Although, our budget sadly does not allow for remuneration of presenters or performers, De Montfort University has generously offered a conference fee waiver to each principal presenter and a discounted (student rate) conference fee for co-presenters and performers.
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