RFLAN 68 Group Seating Form
Please add your group details to this form.
You must ensure the following or else your team booking will be REJECTED
- All members must have already purchased and paid for their ticket
- Team names must be sensible and not offensive or inappropriate in any way

You can submit your form a second time to add more than 24 members, or to make additions or changes to an existing booking.

Member ID's MUST be in the form (number)(letters) eg 1234bobat. This is generated and sent to the ticket holder upon purchase of an event ticket.
Gamer Alias/Usernames will not be accepted.

Please be aware that the deadline for team booking submissions is 11pm on the Wednesday prior to the event.

If your seating request is approved you will find your team shown on the Floor Plan for the event at https://floorplanner.rflan.org/tables.php

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Booking Request / Preference (Eg Seats A1-A20)
If you wish to sit next to an existing team, please state the team name. Otherwise if you have a seat preference such as a specific row, towards the center, towards the edge, etc, please state your request. While you are welcome to include example/desired seat numbers (e.g. A20) if you include no other information then you are likely to lose your preference when we have to move you. It is frequent to have to move teams in order to make everyone fit, hence, please ensure you also include general information about your request so that we can do our best to accmodate that if we later need to move you.
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