Sharing "My Stories with GE" 「我與通識的故事」征集
On 31 March 2017, Dr. Eugenie Leung, Dean of Student Affairs, sent a mass email to HKU students about a proposal to integrate General Education Unit (GE) into CEDARS in August 2017, and invited students to hear the preliminary plan and express their views at a Student Forum on 10 April (date now changed to 18 April). The email has triggered heated discussions among students and alumni on the future development of GE and its unique values.

2017年3月31日,港大學生事務長Dr. Eugenie Leung 通過郵件通知,港大通識教育部(簡稱港大通識/GE)將於2017年8月併入學生資源及發展中心(CEDARS),并將就此於4月10日(後改為4月18日)召開學生論壇,了解學生對GE及其合併方案的意見。該郵件引起了港大同學對通識教育部的未來發展和它獨特價值的討論。

Thereby a group of HKU students and alumni, enthusiastic about GE, launch the campaign "全因通識 Thanks to GE". The campaign aims to provide a platform for each individual who has joint any GE programmes to share his or her stories with GE and viewpoints on its uniqueness. Hopefully, this could better facilitate the upcoming forum discussion between students and main parties involved, about the proposed integration that is crucial to the future development of GE and the extracurricular experience of HKU students.

藉此,一群熱愛港大通識的港大學生及校友發起了此次「全因通識 Thanks to GE」的活動,讓每個與GE相識的人,可以通過此平台分享他們和GE的故事以及對GE獨特性的看法,從而讓學生和機構負責人,在即將到來的論壇上,都能更好地探討此次關乎GE的未來發展和港大學生課外活動體驗的合併計劃。
Thanks to GE, I...... 因為通識,我...... *
E.g. What are your stories with HKU GE? What activities of GE you've joined? Who did you meet because of GE? and How would your university life be different if without GE ? etc. 例如,您和GE之間的故事?您參加過GE舉辦的哪些活動,又認識了哪些朋友?如果沒有GE, 您的大學生活會不會因此而不同?等等。[請提供英文版,方便分享給更多人士]
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What's special about GE? GE獨特的地方在於...? *
E.g.the importance of general education unit in HKU etc. 例如,通識教育對於港大的重要性, 等等。[請提供英文版,方便分享給更多人士]
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