Wisconsin Honorary Of Involved Leaders (WHIL)-Chair Application
For more information please see the constitution or contact one of the following people.
President (Vince Seely)- presidentwurha@gmail.com/ seelyv@uwplatt.edu
Adivsor/Advisor-elect (Tyler Strohl/Adam Iserman)- wurhaadvisor@gmail.com
The role of WHIL Chair:
A. Shall maintain a regular flow of communication between WHIL CC’s throughout WURHA and the WURHA Directorship.
B. Shall preside over WHIL meetings at all WURHA LC.
C. Shall judge all WURHA Of the Month submissions with a selection committee comprised of preferably at least one (1) member from each affiliated chapter.
D. Shall promote WHIL membership to schools throughout Wisconsin including, but not limited to WURHA affiliated schools.
E. Shall be responsible for the recruitment and retention of WHIL chapters.
F. Shall carry out such directives as assigned by the President.
G. Shall regularly communicate with the WURHA Advisor-Elect.
All Officer Responsibilities
A. The President, Vice-President, Director of Communications, Parliamentarian, and Advisor may not serve as CC and a WURHA Directorship member simultaneously with the exception of the transitional period between the SBC and NACURH. The WURHA LC Chair(s) will have a lengthened transitional period compared to other Directorship members and will be given from the WURHA LC until NACURH to serve as both roles. The WHIL Chair must be an active member of a WHIL Chapter at a WURHA member school, and may not serve simultaneously as CC.
B. Shall demonstrate an ability to serve a leadership capacity within their office. Any directorship position can serve in executive position of an individual student housing organization (RHOs) except the CC position.
C. Shall be an official representative of WURHA at all public occasions and meetings.
D. Shall keep WURHA officers and assembly members informed of any matter that affects the association.
E. Shall be present at the WURHA annual and semi-annual business meetings, as well as, any other meeting where pertinent information may be gained.
F. Shall provide a transition period for their successor, including a transition guide.
G. Shall communicate with the conference host school in planning and establishing assembly meetings.
H. Shall encourage active participation of all members of the assembly.
I. Shall have custody of copies of the Constitution, Bylaws, and meeting minutes.
J. Shall be present during all bid presentations and discussion.
K. Shall work closely with other members of the Directorship.
L. Shall carry a 2.5 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale and must not be subject of any university/college disciplinary action deemed serious enough to warrant action by the Advisor in term of office. Each Directorship member shall send an authorized letter of verification of their academic standing each academic session to the WURHA Advisor(s) (prior to bidding for office and during their term).
M. Shall be the joint responsibility of the Directorship and WURHA conference host school to find the most cost effective method of covering room and board on site visits.
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