Copy of Travel Grant Application for FOSS4G 2017 Boston
For Boston 2017 there will be a Travel Grant Programme (TGP). The Travel Grant will includes a full conference ticket plus up to $1000 US for accommodation and expenses. There is a reduced fee for workshop attendance for accepted TGP recipients.

You must be able to fund the direct costs of your travel to FOSS4G, booking deposits for accommodation and be in possession of a valid entry visa (if required). Successful applicants will receive a conference pass and become eligible for reimbursement of expenses up to the limit of the Travel Grant when they check-in at the conference registration desk. The reimbursement will arrive via mail weeks or months later after coordination with the OSGeo Treasurer.

For more information please see

If you are interested in participating in the TGP please fill out the form. All data will be held confidential and only used for assessing TGP applications
Name (first last) *
Gender *
Self identified minority status
Do you consider yourself to be a member of a minority group(s)? Please detail
Speaker - do you have an accepted talk/workshop in the official programme of FOSS4G 2017?
Clear selection
Profession *
Organisation *
Employer or place of study
Country *
Where you currently live
Address (Street, Number, Postcode) *
Contact Email *
Mobile phone number
If you have a mobile phone number please provide it along with the international country code. This is not essential but might be helpful
Entering the USA *
Do you need to obtain a US entry visa before attending FOSS4G?
Funding your travel to Boston *
To apply for a TPG, you need to be able to fund the cost of travel to Boston (the grant will cover attendance at the event and an allowance for accommodation and meals up to a limit of $1,000
How large a grant are you requesting *
In addition to a free conference pass, how much are you requesting to make attending FOSS4G possible? This should cover lodging, up to $35/day for meals (note that some meals are provided as part of the conference pass) and incidentals, anything else you need for attending, and should only in exceptional cases exceed $1,000. Please state amount in US$
Experience with FOSS4G activities *
Tell us about your experience with FOSS4G: Usage, contributions (code and community), projects, events attended
Why do you want to attend FOSS4G 2017? *
How will you benefit from attendance at FOSS4G? How will your organisation, community or country benefit from your attendance? How do you plan to make use of the knowledge, contacts and experience that you gain from attending?
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