Rockburn Band Registration 2017
This form needs to be completed ASAP so Mrs. Twigg may meet with your child to help them identify which instrument they will be learning this year. You will receive a packet and email from Mrs. Twigg once this has happened with more information. At that time you may read through all the information and decide whether to have your child participate in band this year. Please note that students are expected to commit to band for the entire year.

Please save your questions until you you receive the email and have had a chance to read through the general information page. You will find that most questions and concerns will be addressed in that information. Thank you!

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Choose your top 3 instrument choices.
Mrs. Twigg will be working with EVERY child in the next couple weeks to help identify which instrument they will be most successful at. Please remember that there are some instruments that have a class size limit so it is important to have a couple instrument options.
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If you answer yes to the question below, please complete the next 2 questions before clicking submit. If you answer no, you may skip the next 2 questions.
Does your child currently take private lessons on an instrument?
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How long have they taken private lessons on the instrument?
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Occasionally there will be pictures and/or audio posted to my website/canvas from my different classes. Please contact me via email ( if you do not want your child included.
Is there anything extra you'd like to share about your child?
Example: Your child is being served by a specialist (physical therapist, special education teacher, speech or hearing clinician, etc.). Or if your child has any physical features/concerns that might be a consideration in choosing an instrument (asthma, braces, crooked or missing teeth, tiny fingers, etc.). Or you have an instrument at home that an older sibling played and you really want them to play only that instrument, etc.
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