HiveFlex™ Effective Teamwork Offer
Agile Lean Europe 2019 Unconference Exclusive Offer!

Apply here and...
- Help us plant a new tree per applicant - we will keep you informed!
- Get access to exclusive benefits as a HiveFlex Pioneer!
- Get a 50% OFF the regular training price (to be announced).
- ... no strings attached (you can give up whenever you want).

More info:
- 2-day training course.
- Limited to 20 people.
- Training dates do be announced next September.
- First location: a beautiful Portuguese natural park.
- This ALE19 exclusive offer will end on August 25, 2019.
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Why HiveFlex?
In a world that is becoming increasingly volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) with each passing day - just look at the current ecological and climate crisis, among many other themes - and where we as a civilization have almost forgotten the meaning of living in community and in balance with Nature, we urgently need a new approach that will allow us to make a huge leap towards genuine hope, trust, and thrivability.
What is HiveFlex?
In short, HiveFlex is a stewardship approach for distributed social systems, regardless of the scale.

Learn more: (under development).
How does HiveFlex work?
HiveFlex combines different social change management methods with complexity science and systems thinking.
For whom is HiveFlex?
HiveFlex is aimed at creative professionals, change agents, managers, directors, and executives.
What is HiveFlex™ Effective Teamwork?
Science and real-world practice have already shown that Effective Teams are the foundation of today's most successful organizations across the world, and also their best change agent and key mechanism for organizational learning.

Without effective teams, organizations struggle and usually die... but by deliberately developing a network of teams every organization can dramatically increase its odds of thriving in today's exponential rate of change.

Also, not all teams are equal and, very often, team building activities and agile practices/methods/frameworks are insufficient at developing the effective teams an organization needs to strengthen their resilience and enhance the integrity, beauty and regenerative capacity of the living community with which it interacts.

HiveFlex ™ Effective Teamwork is HiveFlex's first official training targeting the essential social skills and factors behind successful and unsuccessful teamwork behaviors and team effectiveness, using a mix of experiential learning, role-playing games, interactive dialogue, group discussion, storytelling, metaphor, and creativity - be prepared to be surprised!
5 reasons why you should attend the HiveFlex Effective Teams training:
- Learn how to set up effective teams.
- Learn to support and develop teams on the ground.
- Learn how to develop people in all their dimensions.
- Learn how to balance (team) autonomy with (organizational) alignment at scale.
- Access exclusive benefits for HiveFlex Pioneers.
When and where will this training take place?
The first HiveFlex Effective Teamwork official training courses will happen until the end of 2019.

We will announce course dates in September 2019, after the ALE19 Unconference.

At least one of these courses will take place in Porto (Portugal), in a beautiful natural park (check pictures below).
Who is behind HiveFlex?
The HiveFlex initiator is Nuno Rafael Gomes, an organizational coach that works with complex adaptive systems since 1993, that is, organizations and systems that aim to be resilient, capable of rapidly responding and thriving on change by re-configuring its initial coherent state with minimum loss of function.

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