Technovate Bootcamp Registration!!
Codenovation Africa and IBI Centre are hosting it’s 2020 Training on Web Development, Mobile Development and Coding for Kids.

Web Development:

Participants would be learning how to build Web Sites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular/VUE, PHP/Laravel with a bonus of Technical Writing and Wordpress Development(Building Wordpress Themes and Plugins).
Payment is 80,000; Pay Here:

Mobile Development:

Participants would be learning how to build Android applications using Java and Kotlin,
Extras: Flutter and Firebase with a bonus of Technical Writing.
Payment is 120,000; Pay Here:

Kids Code:

Participants would be learning Introduction to Programming for Kids, Understanding Basic Algorithm and Data Structures, IoT and Robotics using Scratch, Codespark, Aurdino and Lego.
Payment is 50,000; Pay Here:

Scholarship Form Here:
If you are interested in getting a scholarship for between 10% to 50%, please fill this form.

The goal is to get people more serious and engaged in acquiring inept skills, needed for a Career, Own a Startup, Businesses ... and of cos make some good money or maybe to travel around the world

The pay is nothing compared to the benefits with an ultimate reward after completion.
The little pay is not the focus, is just a strong mode of dedication and commitment to your awesomeness.

We want you to be committed to continuous learning while acquiring adept skills needed for you!!
As our ultimate goal, we are committed to closing the technology talent gap across Africa.
We have also provided a scholarship, lucky enough you can up to 50% and easy mode of payment!!
We are doing all this to just make sure you are committed and utilize this opportunity!!!

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