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The Lines PTO would love to know your volunteer availability for the 2018-2019 school year. Parent Volunteers are needed to spend time in the lunchroom while helping children in general and especially through the recycle process at the end of lunch. Children sort garbage into Landfill, Compost, and Recyling as well as plastic bags, etc. We will be collecting this information to form monthly schedules.
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What days and times (first shift 11-11:40 & second shift is 11:45-12:25) 2nd shift-necessary duty is clean up at 12:15-12:30 if you can't do whole shift *
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Another way you can help green efforts is 1. Being a Food Bank volunteer:weigh and or drive extra packaged food to food bank on Cuba Rd. Food has to be driven sometime between 12:40p Friday to Monday at 4pm. 2. Student Service Leader 3. Green Club Leader or 4. Terracyle volunteer
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It's fun to see the kids and take some time out for the Earth.
Thanks for your help!!!!
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