GJmakerspace Volunteer Application
We look for people with basic computer skills and a willingness to help, make and learn.

Do you like to help others learn new skills? We require 10 hrs/ month volunteering for full benefit (e-mail gjmakerspace@gmail.com) for more details. We need lab volunteers to open/close the space, staff for marketing, community management, training, and classes. Please see our Volunteer Policy Manual for all details. http://bit.ly/GJmsVolunteerManual

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If you choose to be contacted via phone. If empty, electronic communications will be used.
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No experience needed for the position. We are looking for nurturing, kind, helpful volunteers. Proficient means you can demonstrate basic usage and show others. Expert means you have mastery and deep understanding.
No experience
Little experience
3D Printing
Laser Cutting/Etching
Raspberry Pi
Electronics - Analog, Digital, etc.
Graphics Design
Fusion 360
CAD - Others
3D Modeling - Blender, Sculptris, etc.
Programming - High Level
Programming - C, C++, Arduino
Machining - Manual, CNC, etc.
Marketing - Campaigns, Running, Events, etc.
Community Manager
Grant Writing
Do you have other skills? *
Do you have other skills that you can demonstrate proficiency? We are looking for expertise and demonstrate mastery of the skill. A degree and certificate are useful, but please be sure you can demonstrate mastery in the skill.
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What can you do to help grow the GJms? *
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What shifts are you available to work?
This is for Lab volunteers that will open/close for operational hours.
9 am - 1 pm
1 pm - 5 pm
5 pm - 9 pm
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