THHS Technology Request Form
Use this form to request help for computer problems and/or software installs.  If this is a problem with your computer, please make sure you have RESTARTED your computer and/or checked BOTH SIDES of all connections first (to the best of your ability).  Requests are date/timestamped so we may address them in order and by priority.  Note that phone messages and paper requests may be entered sporadically.
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Name *
Please enter your first and last name.
Description of problem/request *
Be as specific as possible.  Include any error messages and fixes attempted. (i.e. checked power on both sides of cable, ethernet cable, restarted, etc.)
Location *
Give the room number or name.  (313, or library, etc)
Station number
If there are multiple devices in the room, describe the location within the room.
Which network is the computer on? *
Old silver/gray jacks are generally QC, DOE jacks are orange
Email address *
Please provide an email address for additional questions and/or notification when complete
Date needed by
Software installation requests need to be made at least 1 week in advance since all computer rooms are in use all day.
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