Service Industry Transformation Programme
Today’s businesses face more challenges than ever as innovations in e-commerce, online payment and communications are driving new business models and shifting consumer behaviour.

Now, we see consumers and workforce behaviour differently, the type of jobs and skills needed in a business are evolving. In order for businesses to thrive in this environment, it is necessary to build up capabilities to continuously innovate and redesign jobs to be future-ready.

Start with SITP!

Service Industry Transformation Programme (SITP), curated specially for the businesses in the service sector [Food Services, Hotel & Retail]. SITP focus on capabilities transfer to help enterprise curb with manpower challenges and improve productivity through service design and digitalisation.

It will include a guided project on the application of problem solving tools & techniques learnt to ensure your team will be able to apply these capabilities in the future.

Up to 90% funding:
SMEs: S$1,800*

70% funding:
Non-SMEs: S$5,400.00*

Full course fees: S$18,000

* A post-project report has to be submitted as part of the funding requirements.

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