Onnanoko's Badge Commission Form
Please read all the options and answer clearly, it helps to speed up the process! :D

Sometimes I go through these slower then I would like and sometimes I do not get a chance to answer due to current commission workload being full, so my apologies in advance!
You are welcome to contact me via DMs on Twitter @Onnanono or email at onnanoko.draws@gmail.com

Payment for all badges are required in advance or half and half, and all payments are made in USD via Paypal. I send out invoices for my work so a paypal email is required to do so.
I can also accept payments via Paypal.me/Onnanoko

*If you are wanting to get more then one commission (example, couples badges, etc.) please make a note in the provided "extras" section and fill out any necessary info for each.

Thank you very much! <3
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Email *
Paypal Email *
Telegram and Twitter usernames *
What is your Telegram and Twitter usernames? If none just say N/A
Website Username(s)
Please write what website account to link/credit when I upload the commission to galleries. Write "none" if you'd rather remain anonymous.
Character Name on Badge *
The character's name as you would like to see it written on the badge. If you do not want or do not need a name, feel free to write N/A
Digital or Traditional? *
Would you like the badge to be done digitally or traditionally? Both will be laminated and if picking up at a convention both will have a clip as well. Digital badges are only available as pre-orders or take home orders from a convention.
Please check this out to see more examples of my work and the badges I've done!
$70 Small Badge examples ~ digital & traditional
*Shows the character from the shoulders or bust up. Limited posing. See my website for more examples https://www.onnanokoart.com/gallery
$100 Medium Badge examples ~ digital & traditional
*Shows the character from the hips or waist up generally. Pose is more limited, but tail always shown, as well as name. See my website for more examples https://www.onnanokoart.com/gallery
$125 Large Badge examples ~ marker & traditional
*Shows the characters full body. Can have different posing, clothing, etc. Name shown as well. See my website for more examples https://www.onnanokoart.com/gallery
Badge size and type *
the size and type of badge commission you'd like. Prices are subject to change, please read my commission pricing guide & TOS beforehand >>> https://goo.gl/Kot1MD <<<
Character References *
please add in any and all character reference links that I will need for the commission
Badge Ideas - *may cost extra *
Fill this out if you'd like a theme to your badge or a special addition like a weapon, toy, outfit, etc. please provide references for said items where applicable. *Some details may cost an additional $5 to $10 depending on complexity.
Mailing Address - $5 or $15 for International Shipping *
If you'd rather pick up the badge at a con please write in that info here please
Anything else that you feel I need to know that may not have been covered in previous questions
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