Arizona swings into Lausanne workshop
The Association Swing Dance Lausanne is proud to have Phoenix's great lindy hoppers, JONATHAN Lindsey and TRESSA Steele back in Lausanne for the weekend and we welcome KATE Ramsey for her first time teaching in Lausanne.
Together, they are all things lindy hop, solo jazz, and Collegiate shag!

Multiple levels of lindy hop, solo jazz, Collegiate shag, and more surprises!


Jonathan Lindsey (US)
Known for his dynamic style, technical knowledge, and occasionally over-the-top humor, Jonathan has danced, taught, competed and performed around the world. He is founder of the performance group Savage Rhythm. As an instructor and DJ, Jonathan has traveled throughout North America and Europe spreading the gospel of classic jazz dance, music and history. He has performed in New York City, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and throughout the southwest. Jonathan’s passion for dance lies in roots vernacular jazz and swing styles.

Tressa Steele (US)
Did anyone hear that loud squeal? Tressa is normally heard through her laughter and sarcasm, but sought out for her enthusiastic passion for Lindy Hop, swing, and classic jazz dance. Tressa joined forces with Jonathan Lindsey and the Savage Rhythm team in 2014 bringing a background in theater and high impact sports. Her athleticism and supportive characteristics have led to her quick growth and escalation as a leader in the Phoenix dance community. She can most likely be seen dancing at the two extremes of our jazz world – fast lindy hop and slow drag.

Kate Ramsey (US)
High-spirited and graceful, Kate has been dancing since she received a pair of ballet slippers at age 2. Starting formal classes when she was 4 years old Kate has performed, taught and competed in ballet, Scottish Highland Dancing and piano for over 13 years. Growing up Kate found herself enamored of the jazz music and dancing embodied in old movies, but thought she only yearned for a bygone time, never dreaming that the art form was alive and well. Shortly after completing her degree in nursing, Kate stumbled upon Jonathan Lindsey’s swing dance night at the Duce, discovered the world of joy and life-giving movement contained in swing dancing and roots vernacular jazz, and hasn’t looked back. When not dancing, Kate likes to…oh nevermind, she’s usually dancing.

All classes, the Friday party, and the Sunday party will be held at:
Tous les cours, le vendredi soir, le dimanche soir auraient lieu à:

Rue de Sebeillon 1
1004, Lausanne

Lindy I - Beginner - Intermediate
1) Vous avez pris les cours et venu aux soirées dansantes pour 4 mois. You have been taking classes/social dancing for at least 4 months.
2) Vous connaissez les pas de base de tous les danses swing (lindy hop et charleston). You have taken courses in all swing dancing basics

Lindy II - Intermediate - Advanced
1) Vous avez pris les cours et venu aux soirées dansantes pour au moins 1 ans. You have been taking classes/social dancing for at least a year.
2) Vous devrez être comfortable de danser les swing outs aux chansons de 180 BPM ou plus. You should be comfortable dancing swing outs to music faster than 180 BPM. Example: All the cats join in - Benny Goodman

Solo jazz & collegiate shag
1) Ouvert à tous. Open to all levels.

Level check: Si vous n'êtes pas sûr de votre niveau, veuillez prendre contact avec les responsables (Ann et Flavia) ou de parler avec votre prof de danse. If you are not sure about your level, please contact the organisers or ask your swing dance teacher.

Les organiseurs gardent le droit de changer votre niveau si nécessaire. The organisers hold the right to adjust students in each level if necessary.


Friday/Vendredi, 20.10.2017
PARTY - DJ music - 21:00 - 00:00

Saturday/Samedi 21.10.2017

Lindy II (Jonathan and Tressa) - 10:00 - 12:00
LUNCH - 12:00 - 13:30
Lindy I (Jonathan and Tressa) - 13:30 - 15:30
Solo Jazz (Kate) - 15:45 - 17:45

PARTY - LaDatcha avec Lost in Swing, 21:00

Sunday/Dimanche 22.10.2017

Lindy I (Jonathan and Tressa) - 11:00 - 13:00
LUNCH - 13:00 - 14:30
Lindy II (Jonathan and Tressa) - 14:30 - 16:30
Collegiate shag (Kate) - 16:45 - 18:45

PARTY & APERO - DJ music - 19:00 - ???

We are offering

1) Full pass (Lindy hop + "Kate special"), 8H of class, parties
2) Lindy hop pass, 4H of class, parties
3) "Kate" special (Solo jazz and collegiate shag), 4H of class, parties

*Room permitted, we will accept registrations for single classes closer to the time of the workshop*

--> ***Les prix avant 15.09.2017***

Full pass, general: 150 CHF
Full pass, student/SDL member: 130 CHF
Lindy hop pass, general: 100 CHF
Lindy hop pass, student/SDL member: 90 CHF
"Kate special", general: 50 CHF
"Kate special", student/SDL member: 40 CHF
Party pass, general: 25 CHF
Party pass, student/SDL member: 20 CHF

***Les prix après 15.09.2017***

Full pass, general: 170 CHF
Full pass, student/SDL member: 150 CHF
Lindy hop pass, general: 120 CHF
Lindy hop pass, student/SDL member: 110 CHF
"Kate special", general: 70 CHF
"Kate special", student/SDL member: 60 CHF
Party pass, general: 25 CHF
Party pass, student/SDL member: 20 CHF

INCENTIVE: Inscrivez-vous avec un partenaire (sauf solo jazz) et recevez un rabais de 10 CHF chaque sur votre inscription! Sign-up with a partner (except solo jazz) and receive a reduction of 10 CHF each on your pass!

Jonathan, Tressa, and Kate
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The association Swing Dance Lausanne has the right at any time to cancel this event. A full refund will be granted.

Refunds will not be given for registration payment. Should you not be able to attend the event for whatever reason, please notify the association Swing Dance Lausanne so that the opportunity is given to dancers in the wait list should there be one. If there is no wait list, you may transfer the pass to another person. Please make use of the Facebook discussion page for the event.

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