UTDesign Makerspace - Room Reservation Form
Student organizations are required to fill out this form to reserve a room in UTDesign Makerspace. Please make sure to follow the following guidelines:
  • Event reservations must be made 48 hours in advance.
  • Events involving alcohol, drugs, sex, weapons, or illegal material are prohibited.
  • You are allowed to provide food and drink away from electronics stations.
  • You are required to clean up any waste after your event.
  • Please limit committee/group meetings to once per week if possible. Remember that the makerspace is open most of the week and your group members can meet outside of official times.
  • We reserve the right to cancel reservations for any reason we see fit.
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Full Name *
Please enter your first and last name as they appear on your Comet Card.
UT Dallas Email *
Please enter an email address that ends with @utdallas.edu. We will not process reservations for personal emails.
Phone Number *
Please enter a cell phone number that you will have access to during the event.
Discord Username
Please enter your Discord username if you have one. This is our preferred method of contact, but we will use your email if you do not use Discord. Please also join our Discord to receive updates for student organization leaders. utd.ms/discord
Student Organization *
Please enter the full name of the student organization you are creating the reservation for.
Reserved Rooms and Technology *
Please select the rooms you would like to reserve.

  • If using the Chromecast in the front of the floor, you must be on the Makerspace-Members network.
  • If reserving both portions of the floor, you must have more than 30 members in attendance for at least 80% of your reservation.
  • Though the front and back are divided at a line in the image shown below, this is a general divider. Each group with a reservation should have equal seating at tables. Work stations such as organization tables and the 3D printing station do not count.
  • Due to ongoing sponsorship and student organization space allocation discussions, conference room and lounge reservations may be cancelled if the areas are reassigned to a new owner.
  • Before choosing a room, consider reaching out to the president or vice president to ask if the room is available. We cannot give organization leaders the ability to view existing reservations for security reasons.
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Reservation Start *
Please enter when you would like your reservation to start. If your reservation is recurring, make sure to specify that in the comments.
Reservation End *
Please enter when you would like your reservation to end.  If your reservation is recurring, make sure to specify that in the comments and only list your starting date here. You can put your last reservation date in the comments.
Event Title *
What is the title of your event?
Event Description
Please enter a description for your event if it is a public event. Any events without descriptions will be considered private and will not be advertised on our website or Discord server.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them below and we will answer what we can before approving your reservation.  If your reservation is recurring, make sure to specify that here.
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