Web accessibility for low vision users
I am a student of Interactive media at Masaryk university in Brno and I turn to you with a request to fill out a questionnaire regarding my bachelor thesis called „Web accessibility for users with severe visual impairment“.
This questionnaire will serve as a basis for the practical applications of my thesis. The aim of the thesis is to prepare a set of recommendations that would improve the accessibility of websites for users with severe visual impairment.
This survey consists of 30 questions, some of them may require typing and one question contains content with images.
Your responses are completely anonymous and the results will be used only for research purposes related to my bachelor thesis. If you have any questions you would like to ask or any technical problems, please contact me at nika.chov@gmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire.

Have you ever encountered a website that was rendered unusable for you due to bad accessibility?
Which operating system (OS) do you use on your personal computer?
What is your default browser?
Do you use any JavaScript blocking software?
Do you use any of the following assistive technologies or custom settings?
Do you use more than one assistive technology simultaneously while browsing the web?
What level of magnification do you most commonly use?
Without applying any magnification, how do you generally find the size of text used on web sites to be?
Do you prefer browsing the web visually or with a screen reader?
On which of the following devices do you browse the web the most?
Which mobile platform do you use?
Do you use accessibility settings or accessibility software on a mobile device?
Which of the following do you use as your primary assistive technology?
How often do you use keyboard for web page navigation?
How often do you experience dizziness or mild motion sickness when using magnifier software?
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