Escape Kaplan's Woods before Mosquito Hour!
It's summer in Minnesota and you know what that's time to get outside! Minnesotans love outdoor recreation more than any other state. There is no better place to enjoy the great outdoors and all of nature's beauty than Owatonna's own Kaplan's Woods Regional Park! The park area includes Kaplan's Woods, Kaplan's Woods Parkway, Cashman Crossing and Lake Kohlmier. It is definitely a place to find something for everyone!

After a long day at Lake Kohlmier and biking the parkway, you're finishing up with a hike in Kaplan's Woods checking out what nature has to offer. The only problem is, you're deep in the woods and the sun is beginning to set. That can only mean one thing, it's almost Mosquito Hour...the time the pesky little things are the hungriest! The problem is, you were paying so much attention to your surroundings, you forgot all about paying attention to're lost! All you want to do is get back to the car before you become a giant mosquito bite!

Lucky for you, the trees at Kaplan's Woods have some magic. You're about to embark on a challenge with one of the woodland creatures! You must answer questions as you make your way back through the woods going from one sign to the next. There are six signs for you to find to help you make it back to the exit. Good luck!

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