PolkFresh Farm Tour 2017 Farm Application
June 24, 2017 - 9am to 2 pm Farms, 1 pm to 6pm Wineries
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It’s almost that time of year again…the PolkFresh Farm Tour! On one summer day each year, Polk County farms open their barn doors to the public to experience how food is grown and raised, to taste farm-fresh products and meet farm animals, and to connect with the community’s food producers. Farm Tour showcases a selection of Polk County’s most unique and beautiful working farms through tours, demonstrations, and hands-on activities. Please complete the application below to be considered as a participant for this year’s Farm Tour.

Participation in the Farm Tour is a commitment. As you consider applying, please remember these things; the farm tour is a time commitment. Please make sure you are able to communicate with farm tour staff before, during and after the tour so that everything is planned smoothly for a successful day on your farm! We want to showcase you and your operation. We are here to support YOU! We provide a farm tour training before the event that is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you attend. It will give new farms on the tour insights on how the day runs, and you will have the opportunity to speak with other farmers that have been on the tour in the past who may be able to provide some guidance. They are great resources, so utilize them at the training!

Safety is our number one concern the day of the tour. Please make sure that your farm is clearly marked with safety hazards the day of the tour (electric fences, streams, sharp objects, etc.) We will go over this more in the training, but we want to make you aware of those areas now. We can also come out for a farm visit before to go over these things with you as well.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! This is a day to educate our community about where their food comes from, and how to access that, so make it FUN! That is what they will remember the most! Farms on the tour report great results from the exposure and publicity that comes from participating; we think you will find the requested commitment worthwhile!

Thank you for your application! We must receive your completed application no later than Monday, May 1, 2017 and all applicants will hear back by Monday, May 10, 2017.

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