FOSS@MAGIC Spring 2020 volunteer sign-up
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with FOSS@MAGIC in the Spring 2020 semester! This is a chance to help FOSS@MAGIC with infrastructure, community organizing, technology, or other projects in the Spring 2020 semester. This survey helps us plan our efforts and also how to connect members of the RIT community to what we do.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Justin <>.
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Areas of interest
This question helps us understand your interests. We will do our best to match your interests and time commitments to interesting projects or opportunities. The types of areas we are looking for help are explained below:


Community building / engagement: People-oriented tasks like event planning


Projects for Imagine 2020: Hands-on projects with a presentation for exhibition booths at community events (e.g. Maker Faire and Imagine RIT)

RIT community outreach: Connect with other organizations (e.g. clubs) to connect more people at RIT with FOSS

Tech Team: Infrastructure management and administration, some software development, and early access to FOSS@MAGIC technology experiments
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What makes FOSS@MAGIC an interesting place to volunteer for you? Is there anything you want us to know?
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