Fishkill Fine Arts and Craft Fair 2017
It's time to apply for the 24th Annual Fishkill Fine Arts and Craft Fair. We are looking for makers, artists, and food vendors. Please fill out all information. All items must be handmade BY THE APPLICANT, and fit into a 10' X 10' space (food trucks and vendors are exempt). Applicants need to have a tent and covered tables. Applications are due by July 31, 2017.

Sunday September 17, 2017
10:00 am- 4:00 pm RAIN OR SHINE
Main Street in the Village of Fishkill, Fishkill NY 12524

Contact: Jess Schleicher phone: (845) 656-0187 or Email: with any questions

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Vendor Fee for Show
You will be invoiced once your application is recieved. Please make sure you check the correct box. Payment will be refunded promptly if you are not accepted into the show on August 5, 2017.
Are you applying as a vendor who is sharing a space?
Type YES or NO and the name(s) of the business(es) that you wish to share your booth. Both vendors must fill out an application separately, and must be approved to secure the space. Please call Jess if you have any questions.
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Contract for the Fishkill Fine Arts and Craft Fair 2017
1. I agree not to hold the Fishkill Business Association or Village of Fishkill or any of their members, officers, sponsors or their patrons, or the property owners, managers and representatives on whose property I am privileged to exhibit my work, responsible for personal injuries or property damage, and I agree not to be party to any legal action against them.
2. All exhibitor personnel, merchandise, fixtures, etc., on the premises are my own sole responsibility and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Fishkill Business Association or Village of Fishkill of their members, officers, or their patrons, sponsors, managers and representatives or property owners upon whose property I am exhibiting my work from all liability stemming from their presence or their acts.
3. I agree to abide by all applicable state, federal and local laws and any rules and requests that the Fishkill Business Association or Village of Fishkill may make from time to time for the safety and operation of this event.
4. I will leave my booth clean and free of refuse at the end of the day. The garbage recepticals are for the craft patrons only, and I will carry my garbage out with me.
5. My exhibit will consist ONLY OF MY ORIGINAL HAND-CRAFTED WORK along with a demonstration of my craft if I so wish. I understand that exhibitors that display items that are not indicative of the kind or quality of items represented in the application will be expected to desist from displaying these items upon demand. Food vendors are exempt from this portion.
6. I understand that Main Street will not be closed until 9am the day of the show. I am allowed to unload on the sidewalk prior to that time. This timeline is not up to the Fishkill Business Association or Village of Fishkill. Once my booth is unloaded, I will move my car to the designated parking areas.
7. I understand that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE, will cars be permitted on Main Street until after 4pm.
8. I agree to keep my booth set up fully until 4pm. Early breakdown is unsafe for our customers and other vendors.
9. I understand that the space assigned to me is non-transferable and that if for any reason whatsoever consent to exhibit is denied, the liability of the Fishkill Business Association shall be limited to the return of my booth fees at the sole discretion of the Fishkill Business Association. I am fully aware that my permit may be revoked for infraction of the foregoing regulations and that if the show is cancelled due to dangerously severe weather, calamity, acts of God or war, I will receive no reimbursement or compensation.
10.I agree to show up ready for the show regardless of non-severe RAIN. This event is outdoors. Plan accordingly.
11. I agree to pay Sales Tax on all sales direct to Government Authorities.
12. The Fishkill Business Association or the Village of Fishkill may use any photographs and information submitted by me for publicity purposes.
13. All booths must be weighted at all four corners. I understand that an unweighted or inadequately weighted booth will not be permitted.
14. I understand that if upon acceptance I am forced to cancel my participation, 100% of booth fees will be
returned upon written receipt of cancellation before September 1, 2017. No refunds will be given thereafter.
Typed signature of exhibitor and date
The terms and conditions of my participation includes adherence to the contract above. My signature affixed hereto is a confirmation that I have read this contract and will abide by its terms.
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These will be used to represent you as a vendor on the website, events pages, Facebook, and other social media for the purpose of marketing and attracting people to the Fine Arts and Craft Fair.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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