TRIBVN Healthcare Solutions Quality Assesment
Dear Sir, Madam,

You have just purchased a TRIBVN Healthcare solution and I hope it brings you full satisfaction.

In order to hear your opinion on our services and because we constantly aim to improve our practices, we provide you with an evaluation questionnaire. As part of our quality approach and with respect to our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications, your feedback will be incorporated into our database and analyzed. They will give rise to actions to improve the service quality that we strive to give throughout our collaboration.

The following questionnaire takes only 5 minutes to be fulfilled. I would appreciate it if you could fill it in as honestly as possible and please be aware that this process is essential for the quality of our relationship.

May you have any questions about our service, this process or the questionnaire, please contact me by phone at the following number +33 0(1) 55 58 05 22 or by email at

Remaining at your disposal, please accept my warm greetings.

General Manager

How to answer the survey
The questionnaire consists of three evaluation sections and an open-ended questions zone.

For each question, all you have to do is check the box according to your evaluation. If you have not been faced with the situation described, please kindly move to the next one.

Following the purchase of one of our solutions TRIBVN Healthcare, what is your assessment of the following, on a scale of 1 (Not satisfied at all, disappointed) to 10 (Very satisfied, delighted):
Regular contacts from TRIBVN Healthcare in order to present you its solutions and the latest developments in digital imaging.
The advice and listening that TRIBVN Healthcare strives to provide to its customers.
The answers we gave to your project expectations by the product demonstration that we have conducted with your teams.
Our technical and commercial response following the tender that you have published.
Information received after taking into account your order (acknowledgment, estimated time, preparatory guide…)
The telephone reception during calls made to our office.
Our business approach in comparison with the one of our competitors.
The preparatory phase of the intervention. (technical call, coordination between computer technicians and users, prerequisites explanation, planning monitoring …)
The organization of the intervention on site.
The compliance given to your expectations and availability regarding the installation deadline establishment.
The technicians’ responsiveness during the deployment and configuration.
The quality of the training provided during the commissioning.
Our implementation approach in comparison with the one of our competitors.
Regarding the solution purchased.
As regards the service provision.
The recommendation rate you could make to a colleague about TRIBVN Healthcare.
What is the main reason of the acquisition of a TRIBVN Healthcare solution?
Your answer
What improvements or innovations would you find useful to add in our products or services?
Your answer
Which ones of your colleagues should we meet to offer a similar solution?
Your answer
Your answer
Which ones of the following TRIBVN Healthcare solutions are you equipped with?
Please specify the structure and the city in which the solution is integrated.
Your answer
Following your assessment, would you like to be contacted by your sales representative?
Your name and surname
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Your phone number
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Your email address
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