Walnut Hill Elementary Parent Survey
We love our parents and want your feedback. Please fill out the survey below to help us improve your experience.
I believe what my child learned this year is what he or she needed to learn to be ready for the next grade *
My child's school has a respectful learning environment *
My child's school has a safe learning environment. *
I am satisfied with the school's maintenance and cleanliness. *
My child's school informs me about my child's grades and learning progress throughout the year. *
My child's school welcomes parent involvement and engagement. *
My child's school responds to my concerns in a timely manner. *
I am comfortable interacting with school personnel (teachers and administrators). *
My child's school stresses the importance of preparing for/attending college after high school. *
I am satisfied with the direction and the success of my child's school. *
The information my child's school and the district provides is in a language that I understand. *
I am satisfied with the direction of the district. *
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