Records of Mission Churches with an Evangelist
This form is to be completed only in mission churches where the temporary system of government is an evangelist (BCO 8-6). In all other forms of government (BCO 5-3), full session minutes must be submitted.

This form is to be submitted annually, one month before the fall meeting of Eastern Canada Presbytery. The records should be submitted to the primary session records review committee. This committee rotates from church to church every year, so please take note of the Stated Clerk's notice above.

Please answer the following questions from the date that the last set of records were submitted to the presbytery until the present date.
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Name *
Name of Your Mission Church *
On what dates was the Lord's Supper administered? List any instances in which someone other than the evangelist administered communion. *
On what occasions did someone other than the evangelist preach at your mission? Provide the dates and names of the preachers. *
Who came into communicant membership? List the dates, full names of the new members, and the names and ages of their non-communing children, if any. Indicate the means by which they were enrolled as members: (1) profession of faith, (2) transfer by way of letter of dismissal, or (3) transfer and re-profession by way of testimonials. *
Who was removed from the membership roll? Describe the circumstances and processes by which they were removed. *
Who was baptized? List the dates, full names, dates of birth, and the name of the minister if not baptized by the evangelist. *
Who was born? List names of children, names of communing parents, and dates of birth. *
Who was married? List names of bride and groom, date of wedding, name of officiant, and their standing in the church (both members? both attending?). *
Who died? List names and dates. *
Were there any congregational meetings held? If so, list the dates and the purposes (docket, agenda) of the meetings. Please also indicate if someone other than the evangelist moderated. *
Were there any membership classes conducted? If so, when? *
Provide a brief assessment of your mission's health so we can pray for you. What is encouraging? What is discouraging? What are the greatest strengths of your church? What are the most pressing needs? *
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