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We are excited to potentially share your story in an action-packed 10-minute audio-only ZOOM interview.

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1. ) Apple 5-Star reviewed podcast
2.) "The Top 5% of the World's Podcasts" out of 1.9 million podcasts. (Listen Score.)
3.) Our listeners are executives, entrepreneurs, and experts in 92 countries
4.) 1st guest was Elon Musk
5.) The world wants to hear your story

In 2020, we had 1,000+ requests to be a guest. We wish we could interview everyone but unfortunately we can't. We only interview 10 guests each month. Rest assured, we do review every application but only the ones who are accepted will receive a follow up email from us. (No need to follow up with us.)

Have fun & inspire away!

Stay brilliant,
Christopher :)
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This FREE 10-minute audio-only ZOOM podcast interview is sponsored by our GPS online speaker training program where we teach you how to make $20,000/keynote in one hour sharing what you already know. Scale of 1 to 10. Want to learn more? *
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***VIP Upgrade*** Cut the line and receive priority consideration, a 20-minute curated VIDEO & audio interview, a customized marketing package, promotion on my LinkedIn profile with 21,000 executives, and global distribution across 10 podcast platforms. Please watch the above video for more details. Christopher's speaker fee is $20,000. The VIP guest appearance fee is only $497. *
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