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The short story:
we're not sure whether lander capabilities or manufacturing methods will more strongly drive requirements or constrain the mission. As a result: please pick one of the two areas for you to consider as the primary driver in your research.

The long story:
At the team telecon on September 17th, we agreed that commercial lander capabilities will shape the mission in a different way than the manufacturing methods. Andy, Don, and Udit noted (with variations in details) that we can approach this problem by having 2 groups work in parallel. Each group works under different assumptions. Group A - the "lander group" - will start by looking at lander capabilities and try to answer the question "what can we do with what the lander has to offer?" Group B - the "manufacturing group" - will start by looking at manufacturing methods and try to answer the question "what do we need in order to use this method?" Both groups will still be trying to develop a ConOps that satisfies the overall goal of building something on the lunar surface.

To be clear: despite the naming of separate groups, we will still be in contact with one another and attending the same Monday telecon :) In the space industry, such groups are eventually isolated from each other (to differing degrees and for various reasons), but the consensus in the September 17th call was that we're not quite at that point yet.

What does that mean for you?
1. If you're in Group A, and brainstorming or researching, don't worry about the limitations that Group B may have (and vice versa).
2. There will be a couple new Riot channels (one for each group) for more dedicated discussion.
3. We move closer to completing the trade studies on lander capabilities and manufacturing methods.

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