We are Looking for Content Leaders Like You #SYTA2018
We are looking for new innovative educational content for onsite sessions, webinars, learning labs as well as articles and blog posts. This will be for throughout 2018 and beyond! Do you have an idea or topic that you'd like to share with the SYTA membership?

The call for proposals is now open. Your ideas can help us create the diverse and relevant education that will inspire your fellow student travel professionals and help transform our community.

We are looking to provide the SYTA membership with new educational perspectives that will be both personally and professionally beneficial in our evolving market. All ideas and content are welcome.

Expand your professional experience by submitting your idea by January 26, 2018 to be considered for the 2018 SYTA Annual Conference and you will be notified by March 1, 2018. You may submit a proposal at any time for other learning modules. Proposals will be selected by SYTA Staff and volunteer committees. You may also suggest speakers and topics you think should be considered.

Suggested Topics & Formats
Suggested Topics:
Safety and Risk Management
Technology for Personal and Business Use
Legal and Contract Management
eMail Marketing
Sales, Business Skills and/or Operations
Social Media
Leadership Skills
Human Resources
Finding and Developing New Talent
Balancing Work and Personal Live
Business Services - Tax Planning, Succession Planning
New Apps to Improve Performance
Understanding International Markets - selling to China and other international locations
Travel trends

There are several types of learning formats described below:
- SYTA Annual Conference or SYTA Summit Education Session (60 minutes): Individual presenter presents a session with audience participation. This could be a session onsite at a meeting or in the form of a webinar.

- Panel Discussion (45-60 minutes): Facilitator presents a session on a "hot topic" with a panel of industry experts.

-Roundtables – Small group discussion on various topics of importance to the membership.

- SYTA Learning Labs (20 minutes): SYTA's new version of "TED Talks" to provide education to our membership. Share something that’s new and surprising; an idea or invention that your audience has never heard about pertaining to your business, the student and youth travel market. These may be presented at the SYTA Annual Conference or as a webinar.

-Webinars – (30-45 minutes). Webinars are presented throughout the year. May include 1-3 speakers. Presenters must allow for 10-15 minutes of Q&A

- Articles & Blog Posts: Submit articles and/or blog posts for SYTA & SYF to share on our website, social media channels and through our eSYTA newsletter.

Additional Information
*Sessions with tour operators or other industry leaders receive additional consideration
*Presentations cannot be a sales presentation for their company
*Sample videos or listing of locations of previous places of presentations may be requested
*Registration is not waived for SYTA members and speaker fees are not paid
*Full-time professional level speakers will also be considered for opportunities
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Please contact Lisa Berretta at 703-610-9034 or lberretta@syta.org.
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