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GSAs and their leadership change frequently! In order to provide the most accurate information to our network, a new registration form should be completed annually.

If you need assistance with registering or getting a GSA started, email sydnee@kycohio.org
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At their core, GSAs are student-run clubs! If you don't have a student leader at this point, check with your GSA members to see if any students are interested in leading, then come back to this form.
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Listing your GSA on the OHIO GSA DIRECTORY, which is on the KYC website, is a great way to make sure other students can find you. (Only club name, school, and address are published.) *
GSA Network and GLSEN are national organizations that provide great resources about starting and maintaining GSAs and making your school a safer place to be you. By registering with their organizations, you'll receive resources, updates, and opportunities for freebies! *
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