Speaker nomination form(スピーカー推薦フォーム)
Use this form to suggest a speaker for a TEDxYNU 2019.
(TEDxYNU 2019へのスピーカー推薦用フォームです)
Part 1: About you (the nominator) (推薦者について)
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Part 2: About the nominee(被推薦者について)
Please fill in this section too if you are nominating yourself.
If there is a section you don't know yet about your nominee, fill in "unknown"
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Tell us more about the speaker. Why are you recommending them?(スピーカーの詳細について回答してください。推薦理由は何ですか?) *
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What is their TEDx talk topic about? (TEDxトークにおけるテーマは何ですか?) *
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Please describe your topic in more detail.(テーマの詳細について説明してください)
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Under which of the following categories would this person fall? (以下の選択肢のうち、スピーカーに当てはまる分野を選んでください) *
(Please select up to 3 options/最大3つまで)
Has this person spoken publicly before? If so, where?(スピーカーは今までに観衆の前での発表の経験がありますか?そしてそれはどのような場でのものでしたか?) *
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Please provide links to online video or audio featuring the proposed speaker.(推薦するスピーカーのオンラインの動画または音声があれば、リンクをご提供ください)
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Please provide links to any articles or web pages about the speaker.(推薦するスピーカーに関する記事またはウェブページがあれば、リンクをご提供ください)
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The talk will be in (トークにおいて使用する言語は) *
Do you know this person personally? - It’s okay if you do not.(スピーカーは貴方の個人的な知り合いですか? そうでなくとも構いません)
Will the person be in Japan around September-November 2019?(スピーカーは今年の9月から11月中に日本にいますか?) *
Thank you for applying!(ご応募ありがとうございました!)
We will contact you as soon as we have reached the final decision.

We will evaluate your nomination and will share this information with staff members selected to review speaker nominations.

We are expecting to have interviews with potential speakers from July 1st to July 14th. If you have any concerns regarding these dates, please let us know.

If you've submitted a nomination, it will stay in our database to be considered for future conferences.

Your information will be processed in accordance with TED's privacy policy.
Please reach out to tedxynuteam@gmail.com if you have any inquiries/concerns.






不明・疑問な点がありましたら、tedxynuteam@gmail.com までご連絡ください。)
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