Letter to the Poetry Foundation from Fellows + Programmatic Partners

To the Members of the Board and Staff of the Poetry Foundation and Poetry Magazine:

We write to you, as poets who have had associations with the Poetry Foundation as awardees, fellows, contributors, or collaborators, at a time when the centuries-long crisis of American profiteering at the expense of Black life is again made acutely visible. On June 3, 2020, the Poetry Foundation released a vague statement that you “stand in solidarity with the Black community, and denounce injustice and systemic racism.” This non-substantive, four-sentence statement—which contained no details, action plans, or concrete commitments—was the Foundation’s sole response to the ongoing state-sanctioned murders of Black people by police and the current wave of violent state repression of those protesting these killings. For years, your constituents have been calling on the Foundation to redistribute more of its enormous resources to marginalized artists, to make concrete commitments to and change-making efforts in your local community and beyond. We find this statement to be worse than the bare minimum.

As poets, we recognize a piece of writing that meets the urgency of its time with the appropriate fire when we see it--and this is not it. It is an insult to the lives and families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless other victims of the racist institution of police and white supremacy. It is an insult to the lives of your neighbors who have been targeted, brutalized, terrorized, and detained by the Chicago Police Department in the past week, including many Black youth. Given the stakes, which equate to no less than genocide against Black people, the watery vagaries of this statement are, ultimately, a violence. We demand that the Poetry Foundation and Poetry Magazine do more and do better. This is one step in a much larger global fight against racism, anti-Blackness, and White Supremacy, but it is an important step because of the space the Poetry Foundation occupies within the poetry landscape.

This is not the first time that the leadership of the Poetry Foundation has revealed itself to be woefully unfit to respond to the crises of our times. Though we can’t detail everything within the space of this letter, we refer you to the numerous critiques made in regards to the Foundation’s failures to support—or even appropriately acknowledge disparities as they relate to—Black and Indigenous poets, Latinx poets, trans and queer poets, disabled poets, poets of color writ large, and artists struggling economically. As it is clear that the Foundation’s leadership is unable to show up responsibly to the demands of this moment, we call for the immediate resignation of both President Henry Bienen and Board of Trustees Chair Willard Bunn, III.

In addition, we have the following demands.

1. The President must be replaced by someone with a demonstrated commitment to both the world of poetry and the project of creating a world that is just and affirming for people of color, disabled people, trans people, queer people, and immigrants.

2. The Board of the Poetry Foundation must write a meaningful statement that details the specific, material ways it plans to “work to eradicate institutional racism.” What are the tangible actions the Foundation will take towards supporting racial justice initiatives?

3. In addition to providing a meaningful, well-researched acknowledgment of the debt that the Foundation owes to Black poets, this statement must also include a specific acknowledgment of the harm done in recent years to Latinx poets, trans poets, disabled poets, and queer poets.

4. Ultimately, we dream of a world in which the massive wealth hoarding that underlies the Foundation’s work would be replaced by the redistribution of every cent to those whose labor amassed those funds. As we work toward that world, we thus demand a significantly greater allocation of financial resources toward work which is explicitly anti-racist in nature and, specifically, fighting to protect and enrich Black lives, in and outside of Chicago. As a group unified by urgency but diverse in our visions, we imagine a range of ways that such reallocation of funds might manifest--from much more robust local programming, to large contributions to organizations such as Assata's Daughters, Brave Space Alliance, and Project South, to more and deeper partnerships with spaces that support artists from marginalized communities. However it looks, we demand that the redistribution of wealth toward efforts fostering social justice be significant and long-lasting.

5. As an extension on the above point, currently, the Foundation programming which engages most meaningfully with Black people and other historically marginalized populations is largely coordinated by the department of Community and Foundation Relations. This department is overtaxed and managed by a staff of two women of color. We demand a significantly greater allocation of staff and financial resources in this area. More broadly, we demand that the staff of the Foundation more adequately reflect the demographics of the city of Chicago. We believe that as long as the Foundation’s staff and leadership remain overwhelmingly White, it fundamentally limits the Foundation’s ability to ever be an organization rooted in anti-racist practice.
Until these demands are met, we will not be submitting any work to the magazine, nor will we participate in any future partnerships with the Foundation. We are invested stewards in the future of poetry, and so the onus is on us to push those with institutional capital to use it for good. We call on those poets who feel comfortable doing so to stand with us in this pledge. We acknowledge that material privileges make it such that individuals vary in their ability to make a pledge like this, and we extend love and solidarity to those poets for whom agreeing to this would create a situation of material precarity.

We recognize, for instance, that Poetry is one of the few reasonably-paying poetry journals. Ultimately, we dream of a world in which there are more sustainable ways for poets to support themselves that do not require them to engage with institutions that may not share their values. Indeed, for many of us this is a moment to reflect on the ways in which, while the awards or opportunities conferred by the Foundation may offer material benefits, they also involve forms of extraction, harm, exploitation, or even trauma. For instance, what does it mean for the Foundation to publish one’s work, to partner on various programs, or to see the Foundation use one’s likeness on promotional materials, but to feel unwelcome or unsafe in the Poetry Foundation building?
Some of us have formed long-standing relationships with members of your staff, and we are grateful for those in your midst who have served as powerful supporters and allies while they themselves have had to contend from within with the Foundation’s harms. At the same time, we are in agreement with Justin Phillip Reed, who wrote in his June 3, 2020 letter to you: “Poetry Magazine continues to be legitimized by the divergent experiments, experiences, and dissenting voices of people whose lives are made precarious by the very acts and exploits that have aggrandized the inherited positions of these trustees.” We can no longer participate in this legitimizing project.

We request an official, public response by no later than one week following receipt of this letter.


Kaveh Akbar, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2016, Ours Poetica Consultant

Fatimah Asghar, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2017

Sumita Chakraborty, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2017

Jos Charles, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2016

Cortney Lamar Charleston, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2017

Franny Choi, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2019; VS Podcast Co-Host

Safia Elhillo, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2018

Eve L. Ewing,  Poetry Incubator & Chicago Poetry Block Party co-founder

Roy G. Guzmán, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2017

Jane Huffman, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2019

Daniel Kisslinger, VS Podcast Producer

Paige Lewis, Ours Poetica Curator

Nate Marshall, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2015; Poetry Incubator & Chicago Poetry Block Party co-founder

Angel Nafis, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2016

Hieu Minh Nguyen, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2018

José Olivarez, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2019

Alison C. Rollins, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2016

Erika L. Sánchez, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2015

Sam Sax, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2018

Natalie Scenters-Zapico, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2018

Danniel Schoonebeek, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2016

Safiya Sinclair, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2015

Danez Smith, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2014, VS Podcast Co-Host

Paul Tran, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2018

Ocean Vuong, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2014

Michael Wasson, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2019

Jamila Woods, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2015

Wendy Xu, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2014

Emily Jungmin Yoon, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2017

Javier Zamora, Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellow, 2016


We, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with the poets listed above and pledge not to collaborate with the Poetry Foundation or Poetry Magazine until these demands have been met to a substantial degree.

Miller Oberman, Ruth Lilly fellow, 2005, Poetry Magazine contributor
Ilya Kaminsky, Ruth Lilly Fellow and contributor
Farnoosh Fathi Contributor, Ruth Lilly recipient
Jacob Saenz, contributor, former Ruth Lilly Fellow
Marcus Wicker Ruth Lilly Fellow, 2011
Victor Abdul Aziz Jackson, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Hope Wabuke, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Davon Clark, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Hannah Beresford, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Trace Howard DePass, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Andy Powell, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Farrell Brenner, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Brenda Angelica Gutierrez Mora, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Rasaan Khalil, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2016, No Blue Memories Cast Member
Tim Stafford, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Isaac Ginsberg Miller, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Noel Quiñones, Poetry Incubator Fellow
Laurel Chen, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Jonathan Mendoza, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2017
Jarvis Subia, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Elizabeth Mudenyo, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Sonia Guiñansaca, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Jess Rizkallah, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Cameron Awkward-Rich, Poetry Magazine Contributor
Dujie Tahat, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Nic Custer, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2016
Huiying B. Chan, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Chase Berggrun, Poetry Magazine Contributor
Claire Schwartz, Poetry Magazine Contributor
Harmony Holiday, Ruth Lilly Fellow, 2013
Nadine Marshall, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Raina León,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Sylvia Chan,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Siaara Freeman,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Preeti Kaur,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Timothy Otte,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2017
Jesús I. Valles,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Rasha Abdulhadi,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2017
Seelai Karzai,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Zenaida Peterson,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Shauna Osborn,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2017
DeShara Suggs-Joe,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2017 and former Poetry Ambassador
A. Meinen,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2017
Diego Báez,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Darian Kuxhouse,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Deborah Mouton,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Allyson Jeffredo,  Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Naomi Extra, Poetry Incubator Fellows, 2017
Rob Gibsun, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Christian Arthur, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2017
Tommy Pico contributor, 2017 Friends of Literature Prize
Charlotte Abotsi Former Subscriber & Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2019
Eloisa Amezcua, Poetry Magazine Contributor, Programming Contractor
Brittany Rogers, Poetry Incubator Fellow
Britteney Black Rose Kapri, Poetry Magazine Contributor
Bradley Trumpfheller, Poetry Magazine Contributor
Lupe Mendez, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2017
Steven Alvarez, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2017
Ben Burkert, Poetry Magazine Contributor
Tarfia Faizullah, Poetry Magazine Contributor and Award Recipient
Noah Baldino, Poetry Contributor and Award Recipient
H. Melt Poetry Incubator Fellow 2017, Former Education & Youth Services Assistant, VS guest
Kay Ulanday Barrett Previous Guest Faculty (Poetry Incubator)
Imani Elizabeth Jackson, Incubator Fellow, 2017
Hanif Abdurraqib, Poetry Magazine Contributor
Gladys Teresa Hidalgo, Poetry Incubator Fellow 2018
Devin Samuels, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2017
Jameelah Jones Poetry Incubator Fellow (2018)
Keith S. Wilson, Poetry Incubator fellow, contributor
Jayme Ringleb, Poetry Magazine Contributor
Trisha Low, Harriet blog contributor
Nicole White-LeGrand
Shira Erlichman, Programming Contractor
Clint Smith, Contributor
Ariel Francisco
Jameson Fitzpatrick, Contributor
Jayson P. Smith, Poetry Incubator Fellow 2017
Eduardo C. Corral, Contributor and Award Recipient
Hari Alluri, Contributor
KMA Sullivan, Publisher (YesYes Books)
Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Poetry Magazine contributor
Janan Alexandra, reader / subscriber
Zachary Schomburg, Contributor
Rachelle Toarmino, reader, previous subscriber
Zach Linge, Poetry Magazine Contributor
Rachel Mennies, Contributor
Perry Janes, Contributor and Incubator Fellow 2017
JD Scott, Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2016
Nicholas Nichols
Sophie Klahr
Tara Jayakar, Former Chicago resident & poet
Anthony Frame , former subscriber
Nick Ward, Booking Manager, Young Chicago Authors
Liz Ahl, Poetry Magazine subscriber
Michael Wilson, Writer. Former subscriber
Devin Kelly, Poet
beyza ozer, Contributor, former Events Assistant
Daniel Schonning, Poetry Magazine Contributor
Kien Lam, Contributor
Arabella Breck
Daniel Lassell, Subscriber, poet
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Conor Bracken Former subscriber
Nancy Dawkins Ex-subscriber
Nkosi Nkululeko video contributor
Rosabel Tan Reader
Jen Rymont Reader
Samira Summer Ruun Sahro Haris Poet & admirer, future PF writer
Joshua Bohnsack writer
MP Armstrong Poet, former reader and subscriber
William Brown Reader, Poet, Subscriber
André O. Hoilette, poet Subscriber
Ana Cristina Alvarez writer & reader
Alina Stefanescu Poet
Noah Stetzer reader
Melissa Bernal Austin reader
Conor Harris Reader, teacher, poet
Roberto Carlos Garcia Contributor
Lyndsay Hall, Poet
Maria Guzman Reader/Subscriber
Lisa Weber N/A
Nicole Perkins reader
Mandy Rose Subscriber
Otto Vock Reader
jamie hood former subscriber & poet
Essa Ranapiri Contributor
Raquel Salas Rivera Poet
Lindsay Donovan, Bostonian teacher and poet, Countertop Chants open mic co-founder
Natalie Solmer Poetry Teacher's Institute attendee, VS listener
AM Ringwalt Poet
Megan Epperson Constintent
T Fleischmann open door readings, 2018
Laura Negin reader/subscriber
Andrew Rihn  writer
Ruben Quesada Latinx Writers Caucus, Founder
Claire Winkler reader
JoAnn LoVerde-Dropp Reader
Sara Nicholson  
Daniel Poppick Contributor
Sofia Fey Contributor/subscriber (no poems were excepted, I have only submitted)
Fred Grant Poet
Matthew Girolami None.
Ranana Chernin Poetry lover
Jeremy Hoevenaar Contributor
Fiona Chamness Poet
Donnie Welch Poet, Teaching Artist
Paul Cunningham Reviews/Interviews feat. in Harriet Blog
Joseph O. Legaspi Contributor and subscriber
Elizabeth Acevedo Poet and Contributor
Chen Chen Contributor
Leah Barber Reader
Natasha Huey Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2016
Anthony Thomas Lombardi Poet & Subscriber
Robin Ekiss Former contributor
Noah Fields Current Employee (Event  Assistant)
Laura Goldstein Reader at Open Door Poetry Series
AP Kramaric subscriber
Dominick Knowles former subscriber
Ashley L. Mack-Jackson Incubator Fellow, 2018
Mickee Cheung former subscriber
Kimberly Kemler Poet
Stephen Ira contributor
Lizett Galan Supporter of the Poetry Foundation  
Emily O’Neill reader
Candice Burke Reader
Sam Rush None
Evana Bodiker Poet and Subscriber
Charles Flowers Poetry Out Loud Judge
Charlotte Pence Subscriber. Will cancel until demands are met.
Kary Wayson poet / editor / former subscriber / occasional submitter
Chard deNiord Contributor
Alicia Mountain poet
Rhiannon McGavin Former Youth Poet Laureate of Los Angeles
Youssef Helmi Poet
Jenny Zhang Poetry Magazine Contributor
Jaclyn Rachel Reader / former subcriber
Valzhyna Mort Poetry Magazine contributor
Zack Hausle Poet
Molly Gray Subscriber
Sam Maziejka None
Richard Berwind Poet (not published with POETRY)
Cara Dees Poet, Reader
RM Haines poet, former subscriber
Sara Quinn Rivara poet
Rose York None (published poet, but not by PF)
Cooper Wilhelm Poet
Mikey Swanberg Poet
Asia Calcagno Open Door Series Contributor
Jose Angel Araguz reader
Grace Novarr reader :)
Sara Saab reader, poet
Patrick James Dunagan Contributor (Harriett)
Heather Christle Contributor
Keith Ekiss Poet
Cody-Rose Clevidence person
Cameron Martin Subscriber (soon to be former)
Anna K Binkovitz Reader/listener
Julianna Baggott poet who's appeared in Poetry
Meg Reynolds Poet & Educator
Lloyd Wallace None
Taylor Garrison Reader, Poet
Hannah Dutton none
Ruth Awad Contributor
Sydney none
Xavier Ramey Reader
Jim Whiteside Poet, Former Subscriber
Bryan Fry Reader
Kyle Harvey poet
Sasha Frere-Jones can read
Taylor DeGroot reader
John Paul Martinez Poet, Reader, Former subscriber
Gustavo Barahona-Lopez Poet, reader
Kieran Collier N/a
Joe Gerace Poet
Jon Pineda Poet
Valorie K. Ruiz Contributor in forthcoming issue
Hannah Mitchell reader and subscriber
Erica Charis-Molling poet & subscriber
Madison Wheeler None
Simone Muench contributor and subscriber
Jenifer Sangeun Park Poet
Josh Fomon Poet
Maria Isabelle Carlos Reader
Antosh Wojcik Subscriber
Carla Sofia Ferreira teacher who withdrew work & stopped subscribing following your publication of Black Sun
Maisie Lawrence, poet and former subscriber Former subscriber
Sarah B. Boyle poet, teacher, subscriber
Benjamin Garcia Poet
Anna Meister poet
Kelly Davio Reader
Michael Metivier Contributor
Avery M. GUESS subscriber, reader
Gianni Gaudino Poet
Michael Prior contributor
Haley Keane reader and former subscriber
Gianni Gaudino Teacher, poet
Kier Zimmerman Reader, Poet
Matvei Yankelevich contributor
Jakob Maier Poet
Jennine Capó Crucet Reader
Nicole Bond Poetry Out Loud Judge 2018 & 2017
Brandon Brown Harriet contributor
Lucas Rossi Subscriber
Elyas Amin None
Francesca Spizzo Chicago resident, poetry reader, VS listener
Sarah Koubek poet, subscriber
Manuel Paul López -
Kayti Lahsaiezadeh Poet and former subscriber
Joshua Pollock Poet
Niki Jordan Poet
Leslie McGrath contributor and subscriber
Paulina Ukrainets reader
Janice Lobo Sapigao Former subscriber & Santa Clara County Poet Laureate 2020-21
Conner Bouchard-Roberts poet and reader
Shane Page none
Bryan Byrdlong Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Cameron McGill former subscriber
Anjuli Raza Kolb Contributor, Harriet & Poetry Now
Kavona White No Affiliation
Emma Kennedy Reader
Sophie Seita /
Sarika Doppalapudi Reader
Emma Fernhout Former subscriber, educator, poet
Ali Nuri Iraqi American Poet
Lucy Hayes reader, subscriber.
annalise abraham none
Lisa Hiton Lisa Hiton, Poet
Phil Spotswood Phil Spotswood
Becka Mara McKay Poet
Kat Giordano N/A
Sandeep Parmar Poet
Sahar Muradi Contributor
TC Tolbert contributor, reader
Brenda Taulbee Poet and subscriber
Trevor Ketner Former Poetry Foundation Intern
G.M. Palmer Reader, Professor, Poet
Traci D Brimhall Contributor
Jacques Guyot reader
Candice Reader
Josh Dale Poet & publisher
Dalton Day Poet
Courtney Margolin Followe
Heather Mark Reader
Susan Bernofsky Harriet contributor
Iqra Abid Reader
Fathima Zahra Subscriber
Josh Corson Subscriber
Arash Azizzada n/a
Tyler Kline Teacher
Benny Sisson Reader
Inua Ellams Contractor
Sejal Shah None
Kelly Grace Thomas Poet/subscriber
Emily Luan Poet
Harmony reader
Chelsea Bayouth Submitter
Bix Gabriel Reader, teacher
Vin Tanner Poet & Critic
Brandon Brown Harriet contributor
Claire Donato Reader, Poet
Kelly Forsythe Poet
Sabrina Li Reader
Luther Hughes Contributor
Andrew Feld Poet
Gail Bello None
Peach Delphine No
jorge gomez reader
Esteban Rodríguez Poet
Jonathan Tignor subscriber
Sally J Johnson former subscriber; poet
Angie Sijun Lou Poet + Kundiman Fellow
Adrienne Raphel Contributor
Tyler Kline Teacher
Marc Paltrineri Reader, Poet, Former Teacher
Gemma Cooper-Novack Poet, subscriber
Yashshree Raj Bisht Reader and Subscriber
Patrick Coleman Poet
Brian Clifton Poet
Julianne Neely Poet
Bryan Byrdlong Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2018
Sara Iacovelli VIDA Board of Directors
LynleyShimat Lys Former subscriber
Colin Criss Poet, Subscriber
Susan Rich poet, subscriber
Devon James Reader
Joan Houlihan Contributor
Jennifer Huang poet
Amica Biami Teacher, poet, reader
Isaura Ren Editor-in-Chief, perhappened mag
Chris Tse Contributor
Ruth Joffre N/A
Mathilda Cullen no
Heather Quinn submitter, subscriber
Essy Stone in solidarity
Jessica Powers Subscriber
W. Todd Kaneko Poet, Poetry Magazine Contributor
Héctor Ramírez VIDA Board of Directors
Cyndi Fecher Reader
Mariama J. Lockington 2016 Poetry Incubator Fellow
Michelle Peñaloza Poet
Héctor Ramírez VIDA Board of Directors
Rachel Goldberg Reader
Baz Ramos Recovering Poet
Ajanae Dawkins Reader
Imani Love Poet, recent reader and long time supporter
Diego Balvin Reader
Kati-Jane Childs Poet, Reader
Ed Skoog contributor
Ashley Keyser Poet
Madeline Frantz Reader, Teacher who has used the Foundation's site as a took
Jan-Henry Gray Poet
Ryan Ridge Subscriber
Christina Mun-Lutz VIDA Board of Directors (& subscriber)
Taneum Bambrick None
Brandon Som Contributor
Maggie Glover Poet
Vincent Toro Poet, former subscriber
Graham Barnhart none
Caitlin Dicus Poet, Reader
Ani Gjika Contributor
Layne Eckensberger Harriett Monroe intern
Ash Ponders Poet, Photographer
Kristina Figueroa Casto poet, subscriber
Maxine Patroni Poet
Roderick Curry None
Jad Yassine Reader
Nic Anstett Reader
Alice Costas Poet, Teacher and Former Subscriber
Dr. Grisel Y. Acosta Poet, Subscriber
Yasmin Peeran None
Dehlia Ackley Poet, Reader
Chris McAllister Williams reader
Monique NA
Richard Jeffrey Newman Submitter/former subscriber
Gabrielle Goodbar Subscriber and poet
Cara Fromm Reader
Adam Deutsch Poet, teacher, & reader
William Brewer Poet
Kolleen Carney Hoepfner Poet
Charlotte Geater poet
Emma Bolden Ruth Lily Fellowship finalist and former subscriber
Paola Capó-García Reader
Jay Deshpande Reader
Jeanie sepin Subscriber
Paige Sullivan Poetry Incubator Fellow, 2017
Ian Kpachavi Reader
Christine Gosnay Contributor
Gala Mukomolova Blog contributor
Sass Brown Poet
Jessica Chung Reader/Subscriber
Emilia Phillips Contributor
gabe membreno Poet, Reader
John Lee Clark Poetry Magazine contributor
Jasmine Gibson Poetry Now contributor
James Kass Arts Consultant, poet
Ryan young  N/a
Edwin Alanís-García Poet, Critic
Eloisa Amezcua Magazine Contributor, Programming Contractor
Evie Shockley Past contributor to Poetry magazine, Harriet, & Poetry Now
Yael Villafranca Reader
Mag Gabbert poet, subscriber
Courtland Murray n/a
Sarah Haufrect Reader and poet, former subscriber
Liam O'Brien poet
Emily Francis subscriber, poet
Derington Ketchum reader
Rachel Goldberg Reader
Armine Iknadossian Poetry Out Loud coach, subscriber
Mark Korosi Reader
Jyothi Natarajan reader, former subscriber
Lindsay Lusby poet & reader
Alyssa Froehling Reader
Brandon Shimoda Harriet blog contributor
Thera Webb poet, former subscriber
Jerrod Schwarz Shared my work in their blog
Jamaica Baldwin Poet
Maia Evrona Contributor, NEA Fellow, Fulbright Scholar
Alissa Agostini reader
Arthur Kayzakian none
Gabriela Igloria Reader, Poet
Fiore Grey Poet
Colin Cheney Ruth Lilly Fellow, Contributor
Christina Davis Contributor + reader of the work of many co-signers
Von Thompson and Anderson Evans Poets and former subscribers
Yesenia Montilla Poet
Victoria Redel Poet
Erin Jin Mei O’Malley n/a
Jan Verberkmoes poet, former subscriber
Lindsay Turner Ruth Lilly finalist, Poetry Off the Shelf reader
Evie Shockley Past contributor to Poetry magazine, Harriet, & Poetry Now
Maitreyi Ray Poet
Rachelle Cruz Poet & Educator
Paul Killebrew blog illustrator
Lee Potts Poet and former subscriber
Julie Lauterbach-Colby Writer, reader of the magazine
Maggie McCaffrey Reader
bev yockelson contributor
Robert Molloy poet, former subscriber
meg willing poet, submitter, subscriber
Tom Mason none
Dominic R Ciccolone Artist
Kelli Stevens Kane poet
Jessica Coppola    Reader
Jeffrey Harding Reader
Kai Coggin Poet, Summer Poetry Teachers Institute Attendee, Subscriber
Athya Uthayakumar n/a
Grace Bauer Contributor, subscriber
Barrett White poet
Randall Ellis Reader
Alyssa Jewell Poet
Meg Ronan poet
Jose Perez Subscriber
Tori Ashley Matos Poet & Educator
Naoko Fujimoto Contributor
Karey Kenst Former reader/future reader if demands are met
Dennison Ty Schultz Reader/Listener
Jessica Baran Poet
Jenny Xie Contributor
D. Arthur VIDA, Media & News Director
Emily Corwin Reader, poet, teacher
Lisa Ampleman contributor, Ruth Lilly finalist 2011
Crystal AC Salas Poet & Educator
Gianna Brassil Reader
Sam Bellamy reader
Sergio Tundo N/a
Nicole Callihan Poet
Patricia Caspers Harriet contributor
Timothy Moore Reader
Gale Thompson Poet, Former subscriber
Hailey Siracky Reader, former subscriber, VS listener, Ours Poetica subscriber
Iheoma Nwachukwu Poet
Julayne Lee Poet and ex-subscriber
Sola Ijoyah none
Eric Bliman Former subscriber, CW teacher
Matthan Sutton Reader
Daniel Neff Reader and poet
Isaac Brooke Petersen Poet & reader
Asela Lee Kemper Poet
heather hughes poet
Rebecca Wolff past Harriet blogger, event co-sponsor
Berry Grass writer, editor
Lucy Wainger Contributor
Connor Stratton none, poet
Allison Albino Poet & Subscriber
Rob MacDonald Poet, editor, educator
Mag Gabbert poet, subscriber
Virginia Chase Sutton Poet and The Revolution(Relaunch) poetry editor
Cathy Park Hong contributor
Nicholas Holt Poet
Austin Smith Poetry Magazine Contributor
Samantha Pious Reader
Joanna Collins Reader
Maw Shein Win Reader
Stephen Energia VS listener, former subscriber, frequent Foundation library-goer
Noah Mazer Poet
Erica Hughes Poet
Sarah Green Ruth Lilly Fellowship Semi-Finalist, 2005
jessie caitlin bullard reader
Karolinn Fiscaletti Reader/poet/teacher
Corey Oglesby Former subscriber
Nick Sturm Contributor
Derrick C Brown Poet, Publisher of Write Bloody
Douglas Manuel contributor
Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach Contributor
Luisa Muradyan Poet
Susanna Childress Reader
Guido Melo None.
Jessica Cook subscriber
Chase Ferree reader
Ayokunle Falomo Poet, Submitter, Reader
Nikki Steele Subscriber
Travis Nichols Former Associate Web Editor, Poetry Magazine Contributor,  Web Contributor
Reava Bennett None
Bill Carty Poet / former subscriber
Jorge Sanchez Contributor
Margaret Saigh Poet
torrin a. greathouse Past Contributor, Prize Recipient
Alexa Doran -
Damion L. Drysdale Musician and Educator.
Cassandra J. Bruner Former Subscriber and Submitter
Traci Nathaniel Walker Poet, Writer, Reader, Subscriber
C. L. O'Dell Contributor
Helen E. Smith subscriber
Shannon Maney Reader, Teacher
Gabrielle Balek Reader
Hannah Brooks-Motl Former freelancer, Poetry Now contributor
Rashaun J. Allen Poet, Fulbright Scholar
Brittany Von Hoene Reader / Poet
Christine Johnson-Duell Former subscriber, poet
Rebecca Lehmann N/A
Pierre Arnette Reader
Sandra Adan Reader
Brendan Bonsack Writer and broadcaster
travis tate poet, reader
Jennifer Franklin Poet & Reader
Carlos Andrés Gómez Poet
Genevieve Kaplan Poetry Magazine Contributor
Alyssa Moore Contributor
Keenan Teddy Smith Poet, subscriber
Pamela Hart poet subscriber
Marcelo Hernandez Castillo Programming contractor
Dr. Janine M. Weaver-Douglas reader
Sam Martin Reader, Subsciber
Victory Sampson Reader
Alicia Wright Poet, reader
Alia Bales Reader
shannon hearn
E. Amato Poet and curator
Sandra Simonds contributor
Susan Trofimow subscriber
Elaine Flores Reader
Amber Lone Writer and Reader
Conchita Singson Former subscriber
Abby Hagler Writer
thomas taisipic writer/reader/supporter of all things poetry and poets, just not PoFo anymore
Erica Johnson
sophie m reader
Michael Hendricks N/A
Oluwaseun Olayiwola Poet
Anthony Santulli Poet and former subscriber
Jack Landsberg Patron
Luke Johnson Ruth Lilly Finalist (2012)
Janine Rzeplinski poet, reader, former podcast subscriber
k. giddings subscriber
J. David Poet
Michael Kleber-Diggs Reader
Ryu Ando Obscure poet
Francesca Moroney Subscriber/reader/poet
Martha Rhodes Poet
Noah Warren Contributor
Stephen van Dyck Reader
Will Vincent Poet and Reader
AM Kamaal Reader and poet
Catherine Seitz Nichols Poet and former subscriber
Kathryn Haemmerle Former subscriber
Robie Liscomb Poet
Luke Jorgensen Poet
Caroline Minnis subscriber
Victoria Maung Post & Reader
Matthew Lippman Poet, educator
Stacey Lynn Brown Poet, contributor
Grace (GE) Gilbert reader
K Phillips Poet
Daniel Rizk LTAB coach, poet, enjoyer of poetry
Sam Ferrante Former Subscriber and Poet
Maggie Woodward poet
Joey Fox none
Sulan Mlynarek Subscriber
Jacob Block Poet
Kimberly Courtney Subscriber, educator
Ailish Hopper Contributor
Amorak Huey Poet
Stalina Villarreal Reader
Monica Garcia Reader and poet
Katie Klocksin PoetryNow producer (2016 to 2019)
Matthew Kosinski former subscriber
Kiera O’Brien Poet, former subscriber
Alannah Hensley Poet
Danielle Pafunda reader, teacher of the Foundation’s publications
Amrita Chakraborty Reader & Poet
Kristen Renee Miller Contributor
Lydia Lowe Reader
Ashleigh Gill Reader
Kayleb Rae Candrilli Contributor
alex cintron poet, former subscriber
KT Herr Poet
Megan O'Keefe Poet, subscriber
Rebekkah Leigh LaBlue Reader/subscriber
Emily Vizzo Reader
Kayleb Rae Candrilli Contributor
Urayoán Noel Contributor
Steven Hartung Reader, Poet, Rejectee
M’Bilia Meekers Subscriber, poet
Geoffrey Babbitt Poet, subscriber
Abby Johnson Subscriber, poet
Becca Klaver Former intern & freelancer
Sarah Passino Poet
Brent Terry Poet/reader
Philip Matthews Ruth Lilly finalist 2017
Anaïs Deal-Márquez Poet, Contributor
Stephen Maher subscriber
Sam Herschel Wein Regular event attendee
Jazmynn Vazquez Reader, Poet
Caitlyn Alario Reader
Sherri Caudell poet
K-Ming Chang contributor
WM Lobko Poet
Courtney Nolen Poet & Reader
Rebecca Stoner Former permissions coordinator
Rich Villar poet
Candace Hartsuyker Reader
Andrea Blancas Beltran poet, former subscriber
Camille Butera Former Subscriber
Paula Harris Poet
Ian Lockaby Poet, former subscriber
Ron Slate Poet & editor
Mary-Kim Arnold poet, subscriber
Camille Rankine Poet, Harriet contributor
Angela Kong Reader
Wendy Chin-Tanner Poet
Christopher Carmona None
Todd Dillard Poet and Former Subscriber
Bennett Sobel Poet and friend
Dana Jaye Cadman Poet
Livia Garofalo reader
Jessica Lopez Reader
Justin Greene N/A
Erin Studenka Poet
April Ranger Reader
James O'Leary Poet & Reader
Leah Umansky Poetry magazine contributor
Khaya “Khalypso” Osborne Poet.
Kareem Shabazz Reader
Alexa Lemoine Poet & Reader
Annesha Mitha Writer
G. F. Harper Poet, Unaffiliated
Jamie Fiesta Reader
Nick Loewen Teacher
Reagan Myers Poet
Sara Fetherolf Reader
Margaret Ray Former subscriber, poet
Lauren Camp Poet
Angela Maria Spring Poet, Duende District Bookstore owner
Ellen Boyette Poet
Caroline Orth poet and subscriber
Jane Gregory person + poet
griffin epstein poet, reader
p. hodges adams poet, reader
Paige Webb Poet/reader
Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers Poet & Subscriber
Amy Saul-Zerby Poet, Editor of Voicemail Poems
Kathleen Fields Summer Teacher Fellow and Classroom Educator
Linda Russo Poet
Matthew Tuckner Poet/Subscriber
Anna Mebel Writer
Rob Shapiro Subscriber
Liv Grace poet
Czaerra Ucol Poet
Matt Mitchell Poet
Julia Chiang N/A
Stephen Furlong Reader
Scott Troia Reader
Gi Varroney Writer
Alana Saltz Poet
Stephanie Lane Sutton Submitter
David Freeman Former Web Intern
Aaron Kerner Reader
Erin Rose Coffin Poet
Natalie E. Illum Poet
Nicole Tong poet, former subscriber
Topaz Winters poet & reader
Bill Speer Former subscriber
Brandon Courtney Poet
Anna McColgan Poet, former subscriber
Rosamund Zipporah Reader
Braveheart Subscriber
Ashley Aranda Reader
Sarah Ann Winn Poet, educator, subscriber
Tara E. Jay Poet
Karthik Sethuraman Poet
Amy Holman reader
Preeti Vangani Former Subscriber
Charif Shanahan Contributor
Terry Wolverton Poet
Gowri Koneswaran Poetry Out Loud judge, 2016-2020
Kanika Lawton Poet, Pink Door Fellow, 2018
Rachel McKibbens Pink Door Writing Retreat
Alessandra Nguyen Subscriber, Reader, Poet
Elisabeth Graham Former Subscriber
Isabel Neal reader, poet
Alexandria Hall Former subscriber
Hannah Norwood reader
Jessica Dean Harrison Painter & poet
Peter Burzynski poet and translator
Kareem Shabazz Reader
john compton poet/reader
Consuelo McDermott Reader, educator
M. Christine Benner Dixon Reader, poet, educator
Melissa Frantz Reader, subscriber and avid vs listener
Kati Goldstein Poet, reader
Frances Richey Poet, past subscriber
Liz Bowen poet
Jinhee Heo Reader
Monica Garcia Reader and poet
Rodney Gomez Poetry Magazine contributor
Loisa Fenichell Reader
Paige Ackerson-Kiely Poet
Lily Ochs Reader
Jess Smith Poet
Monique NA
Yenick Gonzalez AKA NICKY PHOENIX! Poet, Treasurer of the Lehman Poetry Society, member of Lehman Obscura magazine.
Esteban Rodríguez Poet
Phillip Lambert Reader
Terry Blackhawk Poet, teacher, Poetry Out Loud judge
Zoe Marzo reader
donia salem harhoor poet subscriber
Helen Liu poet, writer, former reader
Stephanie Bryant Anderson Poet
Luisa A Igloria poet; past contributor
Courtney Musick Harvey Reader
Monique Constance poet, educator, former subscriber
Justin Karcher poet/playwright and former subscriber
Brianna Flavin Reader, poet, teacher
Robert E. Aldrich Jr. Former subscriber to magazine
Jordan Cameron Reader
Annie Poet
jo reyes-boitel Reader
Jan-Henry Gray Poet
Mary Anne Rojas Reader
Jonathon Lance Reader
Abigail Frederick Reader
Dasha Bulatova Poet
Jill Alexander Essbaum contributor
Joshie Dyer Writer
Ben Mirov poet
Polly Faust Former Media Associate
Melissa Dominic Poet & Ex-Reader
Dana Cutts Former Events/Logistics Intern
Catherine Kyle Poet
Madeleine Mori Poet, past subscriber
Anselm Berrigan poet/bum
Liza Sparks Poet/subscriber/podcast listener
Maria Anderson reader
Nikki Ummel Award Recipient
Kathryn Cowles Poet and former subscriber
Josephine MItchell reader
Rethabile Masilo None
Anselm Berrigan poet/bum
Tristan Beach Former Subscriber
Alejandra Gonzalez Reader
Matthew Henriksen Former subscriber
Marta Werbanowska Reader
Asmaa Hassan reader/listener
Noah Barbosa Reader
Ernesto L. Abeytia Poet, Reader, Subscriber
Laurin DeChae Subscriber
Amy Strauss Friedman Poet
Sarah Alcaide-Escue NA
Laetitia Keok Poet
George Kovalenko Poet/Subscriber
Lindsay Bell Former Chicago resident, poet
Chynna Bivens None
Jane Wong Contributor
Nandhana Sajeev poet
Christina Butcher No affiliation
Diana Lawrence musician and supporter of poets
Zoë Hitzig Contributor
Lucille Valentine Poet, VS Listener, Former Reader
Jonathan Andrew Pérez, Esq. contributor
Sarah Kramer None
Emily Duffy Poet, reader
M. Quinn Stifler Poetry Out Loud Judge, reader at The Open Door Series
Catie Hannigan poet, subscriber
Crista Thyvelikakath Reader
Whitney Black Poet, Educator, and former reader
Justin Jannise Subscriber
Tony Brown Poet, former subscriber
CL Young poet, reader
C. Violet Eaton poet
Cara Waterfall N/A
Charlotte Seley poet
Lisa Ann Markuson Poetry Magazine Subscriber, Founder, Ars Poetica
Sarah Elizabeth Schantz Reader, writer published elsewhere, instructor who often uses the Poetry Foundation on her syllabi
Dustin Stevenson Teacher & poet
Eric Jennings former member/subscriber
Sarah Nichols none
Stephanie Reyes Reader
Lisa Lewis Poetry magazine contributor
Matthew Moore poet
Ronnie K. Stephens Reader
Eva Della Lana poet
Natalie Freeman Reader
Jules Jacob Poet
Ryan Murphy Poet
Erin Kelley Poet
Xu Li subscriber, poet, educator
Keita O Erskine Poet
Kate Vermillion Reader/Listener
Rebecca Salazar poet, former subscriber
Augusta Funk poet and former reader
Steph Schroeder Reader
Tyree Daye None
Alex Wong none
Anna Lena Phillips Bell Poet, former subscriber
Mathew Yates poet
Nathaniel Rosenthalis  Critic mentioned in Harriet
Hajjar Baban Poet
Pamela Uschuk Contributor, American Book Award, Poet, Teacher
Emmett Buckley poet & reader
Emmett Buckley poet & reader
Josh Wild Contributor
Nicole Stockburger Poet, subscriber
Geoffrey G. OBrien poet
Akbota Saudabayeva Subscriber
Margaret COrum reader, poet
Human Mel Poet, Contributor
Laura Apol poet, reader
Suzanne McDonald Poet
Eric Powell Former subscriber
Kai Millson-Taylor Reader
Karen Garrabrant Poet
Richard Capener Reader
Tina Mozelle Braziel poet, reader
Jamison MacKillop Reader
Jamison MacKillop Reader
M Soledad Caballero former subscriber and reader
Tom Weingartner Reader
Jacob Lindberg Poet
Dixie Searway says, God speed! New visitor, hoping to be included.
Andy Gallagher poet, teacher
Asani Charles Poet
Jo Wallace reader
Eleanor Boudreau Poet
Kristin Ryan Former Subscriber
Tanner Lee Reader
Silje Theresa Pettersen Reader
Erin Elizabeth Smith Poet
Brian Henry contributor, reader
Ann Hudson Poet
Tariq al Haydar Writer
Silje Theresa Pettersen Reader
Jeff Boruszak poet
Kate Soules reader, submitter
Katherine Farrar Reader
Erin Hoover poet, former subscriber
Jesica Davis poet
Elena Rielinger Former subscriber
Damara Atrigol Pratt Poet, Subscriber
Marisa Siegel poet & editor
Erin Langley reader, poet
Ina Cariño -
Meghan Lamb reader
Jon Sands Poet
Michelle Aucoin Wait Poet
Olatunde Osinaike Reader/Subscriber
Daniel José Older Writer
Laura Eve Engel Poet
Megan Braden-Perry author, journalist
Koerbie Sweet Past subscriber
Kathryn West Poet, reader
Richelle Sushil -
Aliyah Curry Reader
Colleen Maher subscriber
Jaya Stenquist Reader, poet
Laura Eve Engel Poet
Erin Keane poet, reader
Bogi Takács Poet, reader, reviewer
Ola Faleti Reader
Bryan Head Poet
Seth Thill Reader; poet
Will Morris  
Olatunde Osinaike Reader/Subscriber
alex cruse poet
Cristian Molina Reader
Bojan Louis Professor/Writer/former subscriber
Asela Lee Kemper Poet, writer, and reader
Emily Wallis Hughes Poet
Megan Alpert Reader, Poet
Seanna Walsh Chicago resident
Lily Zhou Poetry Magazine Contributor
Grace Novacek Reader
Branden Boynton Poet
John Keene Tweeted for NatlPoMo yrs ago
Aidan Badinger None
Sage Poet. Educator. Former subscriber.
Grace Pursel Poet and Reviewer
Mark M Reader
beebe xia reader
Andrea Ramos N/A
Isis Reader
Patty Paine Publisher (Diode Editions)
John Fry Poet
Austen Huigens Reader
Rebecca Mark Former Subscriber
Tshifhiwa Itai Ratshiungo none
Andrew Shattuck McBride poet, writer, editor (not affiliated)
Clayre Benzadón former subscriber
John Schelling Pollock Poet (and Photographer)
Aldo Amparán Poet
Caitlin Creson Poet/former Subscriber
Matthew Olzmann Poet, reader
Cynthia Atkins Poet
Samantha Futhey Subscriber
Caleb J Bartholomew Reader
Nell Taylor Programming Partner; Executive Director, Read/Write Library
Jared Stanley PoetryNow Contributor
Jared Stanley PoetryNow Contributor
Juana Hayde Espinoza No affiliation, Latina poet
Leah Tieger none
Celina McManus Poet / Subscriber
Michael Martin Shea Poet
Helli Fang Reader, poet
Helli Fang Reader, poet
Chloe Martinez poet
Lydia Pudzianowski In solidarity
Mac Popetz Former reader
Meggie Monahan Colleague
DeAnna Beachley Signing in support
Jane Wong Contributor, Poet
Nancy Hightower Poet
Salma Liban Former Subscriber
Shawn Anto Reader
Ben Niespodziany poet / interviewer
Skyla S. Hearn Contributer, Reader, Institutional and Community Partner
Saoirse Reader, poet
Quinn Filler Reader
Ren Katherine Powell Reader
Stella Corso Poet
Shailja Gusain Reader
Natalia Cruz None
Eugenia Leigh Poet, reader, participant in Poetry Foundation reading (2015)
Kathryn Mockler poet/reader
Robert Andrew Perez Poet
Adam Falkner Incubator Instructor, Contributor & Reader
Anna Bryant Reader
Liana Fu Poet
Meriwether Clarke Poet
Eric James Cruz Poet
Rana Tahir Subscriber
Jose Antonio Rodriguez Contributor
Lisa Lei Poet
D.J. Rogers Poet
Xhesika Sula None
Mayra Solis Reader
Poet It’s about time
Adrian Patenaude Reader
Noriko Nakada reader
Alex Cowan Reader, teacher
Shreya Tandel -
Alexis Ialungo reader
Sydney Choi Poet
Jennifer van Alstyne poet
Ibtisaam Amin Reader
Ibtisaam Amin Reader
Ezanthe Vaughn Poet
Marcus Jamison Poet
Anthony Sutton Poet
Siobhan Mulligan Poet
carmen ervin-larue reader
Kenning JP García Contributor to Poetry Foundation
Arian Katsimbras Poet and teacher
Aidan Aragon former subscriber
Amber Reno Reader
Jay Moné Reader and poet yet to be published
Nile Lansana Poet
Roxane Gay Contributor, programming contractor
Carrie Chappell Former subscriber
Ansley Clark Poet, reader, former subscriber
K. Iver    Reader
Brian Tierney poet
Chelsea Dingman None
Nuha Shaikh Reader
Jenny Zhang Poetry Magazine Contributor
Kate Meehan  Poet
Yvette Siegert Poet, Translator, and Reader
O Miller poet nobody
Christina D. Rodriguez Poet, board member of Chicago Writers Association and former potential candidate for employment (2018)
Darcy Williamson Reader
Leah Scott Poet, Reader
Elle Heedles Poet
Michael Shewmaker Poet
Chris Murray Poet
D. Keali'i MacKenzie Contributor, VS listener
Aris Theotokatos none
Julia Johnson former subscriber
Megan Levad Poet and librettist
Anne Graue Poet, reviewer, former subscriber
Clif Mason Poet & Subscriber
Daniel Owen poet & ugly duckling presse editor
Conor Gearin poet
Kathleen A Kremins Poet
Genta Nishku reader
Samaya .
Tamara Miles Poet, buyer, sharer of Poetry and Foundation materials
Jacob Rivers Poet
Zeina Hashem Beck Contributor
Marina Reza reader, listener, poet
Richard Pye Reader, poet
Jared Beloff Subscriber, Teacher, Poet
Becca Wild Writer, Reader, Educator
Anca Roncea reader
Andrew Sargus Klein Poet
Fiamma Curti Reader
Rebecca Danelly Oxley Poet
Jonathan Rowe Reader
Sébastien Bernard past subscriber
Sébastien Bernard past subscriber
Stavroula Harissis Poet and reader
Elizabeth Bradfield Contributor
KathrynLevy Poet
Melissa Hassard poet & former subscriber/reader
Arnaav Bhavanani Reader
Sarah Kokernot Reader
Sarah Kokernot Reader
Carla Juarez Audience
Erica Eliot Subscriber
Belinda Munyeza Poet, reader
Rachael Hopwood reader
Anthony Morales Contributor
Dan Brady Programming Contractor
J River Helms Poet
KT Poet, reader
Stephanie Lindley Follower
Mónica Gomery poet, reader
Ashley M. Jones Poet
Angelique Zobit Poet
Ann Majeski Reader
Alana Baum Poet & (Former) Subscriber & Big Fan of Vs.
Amish Trivedi Poet
p.e. garcia Contributor and Poetry Incubator Fellow
Carrie Lorig been on Harriet Blog / thank u to the poets who were already speaking out about this for years
Alison Smith Subscriber, poet
Austen Huigens Reader
Caroline Barr poet and reader
Madison Gibbs subscriber & poet
Nora Berman Reader
Christina Duhig Poet
Nella C reader, event attendee
Stephen Miller Reader
Dan Magers Poet, Educator, Chicago Resident
Sanna Wani reader, subscriber
Quintin Collins Former subscriber
Eric Hottin Reader
Tim “toaster” Henderson Poet, reader
Chaillé Biddle Reader
Amy Elizabeth Manlapas Reader
Jordana Solomon reader
Emma Hine Poet
Madeline Larson None
Flower Conroy Poet
Leila Rahravan none
Khadijah Queen Contributor
Ron Silliman 2010 Levinson Prize recipient
Aysha Anwar Reader
Julia Bloch award finalist, reader
Sarah Leavens reader, poet, & educator
Katharine Whitcomb Poet, former subscriber
Jonathan Butler Reader/Subscriber
Alycia Pirmohamed Poet
Thomas Dooley Poetry Out Loud contractor
jsk reader/poet
Lindsey Rampton Former subscriber, Michigan resident, poet in hibernation
H.E. Fisher Poet / Subscriber
Sonja Johanson Former subscriber
Heid E. Erdrich Collaborator and contributor
C.S. Carrier Reader
Conyer Clayton Poet
Alicia Hoffman former subscriber / educator /
Margaryta Golovchenko Poet, former reader
Laura Mullen contributor
Bonnie Chau reader
Luis Pabon, Poet, Writer, Social Worker Contributor
Lily Reader
Kazim Ali contributor and lover of poetry
Michael Slosek Poet, former Harriet editor
Nikis Chaney Poet, Suscriber
Vanessa Borjon writer & community partnership
Renee Rallo reader
Fritha Strand Reader, listener, & writer
kate bakhtiyarova reader
Marianne Chan Reader
Donna Spruijt-Metz Subscriber
Constance Collier-Mercado Former Subscriber, Poet
Lainey Curtis Teacher/subscriber
michael fawaz poet
Jessamyn Smyth Writer, Editor, Conference Director
RB Lemberg poet, reader
Raena Shirali Poet
Sarah Aagard Reader
CAConrad contributor
I support this call to action and hope the Poetry Foundation will respond with an immediate and remedial concrete plan to implement the steps laid out in this letter. Reader of Poetry Magazine
Jules Jacob Poet
Ryan Murphy Poet
Erin Kelley Poet
Xu Li subscriber, poet, educator
Keita O Erskine Poet
Kate Vermillion Reader/Listener
Rebecca Salazar poet, former subscriber
Augusta Funk poet and former reader
Steph Schroeder Reader
Tyree Daye None
Alex Wong none
Anna Lena Phillips Bell Poet, former subscriber
Mathew Yates poet
Nathaniel Rosenthalis  Critic mentioned in Harriet
Hajjar Baban Poet
Pamela Uschuk Contributor, American Book Award, Poet, Teacher
Emmett Buckley poet & reader
Emmett Buckley poet & reader
Josh Wild Contributor
Nicole Stockburger Poet, subscriber
Geoffrey G. OBrien poet
Akbota Saudabayeva Subscriber
Margaret COrum reader, poet
Human Mel Poet, Contributor
Laura Apol poet, reader
Suzanne McDonald Poet
Eric Powell Former subscriber
Kai Millson-Taylor Reader
Karen Garrabrant Poet
Richard Capener Reader
Tina Mozelle Braziel poet, reader
Jamison MacKillop Reader
Jamison MacKillop Reader
M Soledad Caballero former subscriber and reader
Tom Weingartner Reader
Jacob Lindberg Poet
Dixie Searway says, God speed! New visitor, hoping to be included.
Andy Gallagher poet, teacher
Asani Charles Poet
Jo Wallace reader
Eleanor Boudreau Poet
Kristin Ryan Former Subscriber
Tanner Lee Reader
Silje Theresa Pettersen Reader
Erin Elizabeth Smith Poet
Brian Henry contributor, reader
Ann Hudson Poet
Tariq al Haydar Writer
Silje Theresa Pettersen Reader
Jeff Boruszak poet
Kate Soules reader, submitter
Katherine Farrar Reader
Erin Hoover poet, former subscriber
Jesica Davis poet
Nyssa Cormier Poet
Luivette Resto Poet
Benjamin Goldberg Contributor
Bruce Weigl subscriber
Justin Lamb Reader
Natasha Ramoutar Reader, Poet
Amanda Ghazale Aziz Reader
Matt Malyon Poet
Pamela L. Taylor Poet & Subscriber
emilie kneifel poet
Matt Stefon Subscriber; poet
Michael Dhyne Poet  
Roomie Wood Subscribed to daily poems
Tabia Yapp Agent & Manager to Poets
Norma Elia Cantú Poet
Jackie White Poet and former subscriber
Amanda Schlieben Poet
Levi Todd previous Events Intern, former subscriber
L.S. McKee poet
Metin Cengiz I am a member of Turkish PEN
Lee Parpart Subscriber, poet
Renna Varano Subscriber
Lucas Pingel Poet/Reader
Kanika Ahuja -
Jennifer Foerster Contributor
SK Grout Former subscriber
Jessica Laser poetry now contributor
Dimitri Reyes Poet
John Beer contributor
Aiya Sakr subscriber
George Jensen subscriber
Cassandra Gonzalez Poet, reader
Dave Harris Poet
Elizabeth Austen Poet
Angeliki Vassilatos Reader
Keith Leonard Poet
Al Smith poet
Cynthia Manick Poet and subscriber
Brett Ortler Reader, poet
Shirley O'Shea Reader, writer
Madeleine Corley poet
Jane Lewty Poet
Daniel Burke Lead Teacher, PoFo Summer Institute
Bemni Amsalu poet, reader
Lauren Collins Reader, Educator
Douglas Piccinnini p o e t
Kemi Alabi Contributor
Quenton Baker Poet
Bridget Lowe Contributor
Erika Nestor poet
Hansa Kerman Pistotnik Former subscriber, former visitor; Poet,
Britny Cordera Poet
Sarah Stockton Poet
Karina Vahitova Poetry Out Loud Judge 2020
Katie Berger Poet, Reader
Kim Calder poet, former subscriber
Nooshin Ghanbari Poet, subscriber
Sylvia Tamashiro Reader
Jason Bayani None
Miles Wilson Reader
Daisy Zamora poet
Ana Portnoy Brimmer, Poet None
Katie Jean Shinkle poet
Ana Portnoy Brimmer, Poet Former subscriber
Ama Codjoe Poet, reader
Amanda Merpaw poet, subscriber
Audra Puchalski poet
Jay Keery Poet
Claire Mullen subscriber, writer
amanda lindsay poet
Suzanna Slack writer
Torrey Smith Nohner none
Shawn Michael Member/subscriber
An Li Poetry Magazine Contributor
Elizabeth Horner Turner, Poet None
Kate Stoltzfus Reader
Patrick Dundon Poet
Robin Anna Smith poet
Alice Letowt Reader
Olivia Fore
Mariana Goycoechea Poet, Subscriber
Susan Sheeran Subscriber, reader
Icess Fernandez Rojas writer and supporter
Isis Reader
Exal Iraheta Playwright
Karina Ocanas N/A
Christopher Smith Poet
Cecilia Llompart Poet, Contributor & Reader, Teacher & Translator
Musette Michael Reader, supporter
Kinsey Cantrell reader and poet
Thomas Seaton Former subscriber
Seth Landman Poet
Sallie Hess Poet
Drew Mestelske reader
Jonah Henry reader/poet
Tamara Hattis poet, former subscriber
Tom Kozlowski Poet, reader
Mariah Thompson Poet/ Reader
louis osofsky tanka and hokku poet
Laura Wetherington none
Jehanne Dubrow Contributor
Anis Mojgani Reader
Cassandra Myers Poet
Amishi Murthy Reader
Elana Lev Friedland Submitter/Reader/Instructor
Meera White NA
Casandra Lopez Poet
Zebulon Wimsatt n/a
Lindsay Ruoff poet
Melissa Eleftherion poet, former subscriber
Deborah Pugh reader
Isis Reader
Chelsea Newman Reader
Ronda Piszk Broatch Poet, subscriber
Jane Cope Reader
Ashley Durrance reader
Blas Falconer contributor
Samantha Zighelboim Poetry Magazine contributor
MC Hyland former subscriber
Kenji C. Liu Poet
Richard Lucyshyn Poet & Educator
Matthew Murrey Reader, podcast listener, visitor, poet.
James Todd Subscriber
Kim Chayeb Poet
Eloísa Pérez-Lozano Individual
Nina Corwin Poet, reader, literary events curator for Woman Made Gallery
Roderick Curry None
Todd Dillard
Maren McKenna Poet, Subscriber
N None
Nathan Wade Carter None
Anna Kreienberg None
Randa Jarrar Reader, Professor, Exec Director of RAWI
Hayan Charara Contributor
Janet Holmes, poet, former editor Reader
Nicole Rudick Subscriber
Fady Joudah a double agent
Hayan Charara Contributor
Julie Sheehan Poet, reader
Ellen Chang-Richardson Poet
Erin L. McCoy Subscriber
Sarah Neal none
Ian Hatcher Poet/reader
Damion L. Drysdale Musician and Educator.
Wheeler Light Poet
Suzanne Bales Lover of all poets
Stavroula Harissis Poet and reader
Kelly Lorraine Andrews Poet
Aaron shapiro Reader
Terrence Abrahams Poet
Natalie Wee Poet
A.J. Odasso Senior Poetry Editor, Strange Horizons Magazine
Kathleen Lynch  Contributer
Jack Malik Malaysian Poet
Allison Albino Poet & Subscriber
Joanna Englert Subscriber
Hallie Wells none
Vickie Vertiz Poet and educator
Benjamin Selesnick None
Garrett Caples Contibutor to Poetry, Poetry Foundation, & Harriet; winner 2016 Poetry Editors Prize for Feature Article; poet; editor, City Lights Spotlight Series
Dani Shutt poet, reader
Matthew Johnstone Reader
Max Freeman poet
Casey Thayer Poet
Maria HG None
Shama Shaikh None
Jennifer LoveGrove Reader. Writer.
Damion L. Drysdale Musician and Educator.
Eve McCann None
Patrick Barry high-school English teacher & former subscriber
Tina Cane poet
Virginia Kane poet, reader
William Michael None
Scott Beal poet
Martina Litty former subscriber (1 year)
Elizabeth Hope Williams Creator, Mother, Believer in Change
Louise Mathias Poet
Emma F Hodges student, reader
Cameron Finch Poet, Reader
Sara Borjas Poet
Peter Mishler Poet
zach phillips poet
Margaret Ross contributor
Maggie Hermann reader
Rich Levy poet and past subscriber
Mira Rosenthal Poetry Magazine Contributor
Kari Barclay Reader
Aalia Waqas reader
Sammi LaBue Reader
Victor Sandoval Poet, subscriber
Tanya "Jade Vine" Singh Reader
Anna Arov Poet
Terrance Hayes contributor, award recipient
Jay Ponteri Reader
Logan Berry writer
Max Zhang Poet, Reader, Visitor
Allegra Lance reader
Leon Bautista none
Vandana Khanna Poet — former subscriber
JT Welsch poet, former subscriber
Sissy Doutsiou reader
Tasos Sagris reader
Kim Stoker Poet
Zuleika Sheik Poet
Nina Mingya Powles Poetry Magazine contributor
Harper Quinn Poet
Dilruba Tayfun reader
Danielle Colin Poet, Reader, Educator
Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick Reader
Smeetha Bhoumik Reader
Laurie Higi Poet, subscriber
Lily Kiara Reader
Nick Makoha Poet
Bianca McNeely None
Caroline Maun Reader, subscriber, writer
Carey Salerno Reader
Siobhan Ramos Subscriber
Kai Love Poet and past subscriber
Jacob Hammer Subscriber
Megan J Arlett Poet
Jenny Catlin poet, subscriber
Adrie Kusserow Member
Michael Beyer Fan
Elizabeth Schmuhl Subscriber + giver of subscriptions for gifts
Scott Woods Reader
Rebecca O’Brien Pani Reader
Jack Krick Managing Editor, Electronic Poetry Center, University of Pennsylvania
S. Ottman Poet + reader.
Terrance Hayes contributor, award recipient
Terell Kahn Douglas-Williams Poet
Jasmine An Poet and reader
Danielle Susi Poet, former collaborator
Jesse Fleming Poet & reader
Claudia Reader
Philip Metres poet
Nancy Reddy poet
Rebecca Volpe reader
Sara Daniele Rivera Poet
Rebecca Volpe reader
Samuel Van Cook none
Bernadette Bridges Reader, poet
Emily Murphy Former Subscriber
Laura Blinn Reader
Nezih Divitci Reader, former subscriber
Tracy Rice Weber poet
Eliana Rowe Supporter/poet
Lydia Podowitz Subscriber
Paul Guest Contributor
Erin Sickler Reader
Karen Hull Reader
Janet Cannon poet
Laura Wang writer, reader, teacher
Meg Kearney contributor
Catherine Rashmi Karnitis poet and subscriber
Ian Moore Reader
Joe Emanuel Poet in the Mid-West
Valerie Choe Reader
Dot Devota Harriet blog contributor
Jaye Elizabeth Elijah poet + reader
Michelle Gordon Reader
bosch jones (j.paul heiner) poet
Emily Buckler reader
Ottilie Mulzet translator/contributor
Sophie Lee Reader
Valentine Conaty poet, reader
Carina Goebelbecker Reader
Mathea Morais Reader, (now former) subscriber, teacher
Jay Ponteri Reader
Logan Berry writer
Max Zhang Poet, Reader, Visitor
Allegra Lance reader
Leon Bautista none
Vandana Khanna Poet — former subscriber
JT Welsch poet, former subscriber
Sissy Doutsiou reader
Tasos Sagris reader
Kim Stoker Poet
Zuleika Sheik Poet
Nina Mingya Powles Poetry Magazine contributor
Harper Quinn Poet
Dilruba Tayfun reader
Danielle Colin Poet, Reader, Educator
Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick Reader
Smeetha Bhoumik Reader
Laurie Higi Poet, subscriber
Lily Kiara Reader
Nick Makoha Poet
Bianca McNeely None
Caroline Maun Reader, subscriber, writer
Carey Salerno Reader
Siobhan Ramos Subscriber
Kai Love Poet and past subscriber
Jacob Hammer Subscriber
Megan J Arlett Poet
Jenny Catlin poet, subscriber
Adrie Kusserow Member
Michael Beyer Fan
Elizabeth Schmuhl Subscriber + giver of subscriptions for gifts
Scott Woods Reader
Rebecca O’Brien Pani Reader
Jack Krick Managing Editor, Electronic Poetry Center, University of Pennsylvania
S. Ottman Poet + reader.
Terrance Hayes contributor, award recipient
Terell Kahn Douglas-Williams Poet
Jasmine An Poet and reader
Danielle Susi Poet, former collaborator
Jesse Fleming Poet & reader
Claudia Reader
Philip Metres poet
Nancy Reddy poet
Rebecca Volpe reader
Sara Daniele Rivera Poet
Rebecca Volpe reader
Samuel Van Cook none
Bernadette Bridges Reader, poet
Emily Murphy Former Subscriber
Laura Blinn Reader
Nezih Divitci Reader, former subscriber
Tracy Rice Weber poet
Eliana Rowe Supporter/poet
Lydia Podowitz Subscriber
Paul Guest Contributor
Erin Sickler Reader
Karen Hull Reader
Janet Cannon poet
Laura Wang writer, reader, teacher
Meg Kearney contributor
Catherine Rashmi Karnitis poet and subscriber
Ian Moore Reader
Joe Emanuel Poet in the Mid-West
Valerie Choe Reader
Dot Devota Harriet blog contributor
Jaye Elizabeth Elijah poet + reader
Michelle Gordon Reader
bosch jones (j.paul heiner) poet
Emily Buckler reader
Ottilie Mulzet translator/contributor
Sophie Lee Reader
Valentine Conaty poet, reader
Carina Goebelbecker Reader
Mathea Morais Reader, (now former) subscriber, teacher
Eric Elshtain contributor (writer/reader)
Jaya Karsemeyer Bone Reader
Seamus Sullivan Reader, subscriber
Chris Vitiello poet
Stephanie McCarley Dugger Poet
Emily Wolahan former subscriber
Ted Mathys Poet
Nate Schmidt Bookseller, Reader
Christa DeMarco Support
JoAnn Balingit Poetry Out Loud contributor, former Poetry Out Loud coordinator
Jane Springer poet
Louis Cabri Teacher
Geo Decas O'Donnell none (educator that often uses it as a resource)
Greg Adams (former) subscriber, teacher, reader
Jane Springer Poet
Kasey Jueds poet
Harrison Gale Reader
Naomi Guttman Subscriber
Leonora Simonovis Poet, former subscriber
Tjizembua Tjikuzu Reader, Future Contributor
Christopher Thomas Distant/Irregular Fan
Sara Peters Contributor
Sahar Romani poet + former subscriber
Maya Pindyck poet
David Gorin subscriber
Aaya Perez Reader & Poet
Lacy Knickers Writer
Alex Charalambides n/a
Ottilie Mulzet translator/contributor
Ottilie Mulzet translator/contributor
Hugh G. Rection Subscriber
Dr P I Staker Poet and subscriber
Jada A. Reyes None
Bob Holman Poet
Francesca Cotta subscriber
Robert David Carey Poet / Reader / Former Chicago Resident
Kap Taylor reader, subscriber, student, poet
Kristiane Weeks-Rogers former subscriber, Chicago native
Hannah Polinski Reader
Sawako Nakayasu Contributor
 Cassandra Troyan Past contributor to Harriet blog
Diana Khoi Nguyen Contributor
Abigail J. Hansel former subscriber / poet
Nina Joung none
Reinfred Addo Poet
Jacob Mahrt Reader
Wendy Mnookin Poet
Nicole Delgado Poet - Puerto Rico
Angela Narciso Torres Contributor, Poetry Out Loud judge
Jireh Deng VS the podcast listener, poet
Cecilia Woloch poet, reader, subscriber
Mary Gen Davies General supporter
Sandy Longhorn Reader
Dilruba Ahmed Poet, Educator, Contributor
Spencer Martin N/A
Rochelle Hurt Reader, Subscriber, Poet
Melissa Dickey Poet, Reader
Jubi Arriola-Headley Subscriber
Asukaya Bailey Poet, Reader
Sharan Strange poet & educator, supporter of poets
Robert Stapleton Editor, Booth
Jackie Braje Poet + former subscriber
G. E. Schwartz Poet/reader
Nancy K Pearson poet
Yaddyra Peralta Poet
Seth Chandler reader, former subscriber
kattrina m writer
Kalee Hall poet
Dena Rash Guzman community member
Hazelle Lerum poet
Lindsey Lewis Smithson Former subscriber and poet
Adrian Todd Zuniga Reader
Josh Nguyen None
Molebatsi Masedi Avid Reader
Shameeka Adams Poet
Ollie Woods award recipient
Annah Sidigu none
Tabitha Denson reader
Nico Page Poet, reader
Saleem Hue Penny Local library user
Landon Godfrey Poet
Susanna Velarde Covarrubias poet, playwright, performer
Sherry Stuart-Berman subscriber, poet
Ryan Sharp Subscriber and avid podcast listener
Mike Ladd(US) Poet
Keith Kopka Poet
Antonia Contro Reader, Artist
Jim Dunn Poet
Glenis Redmond Poet, Teaching Artist
Eli Karren Former Subscriber
Julia Wright/ journalist,poet None
Kain Kim reader, teacher
Cathie Desjardins Poet, former subscriber
Julia Carrigan Poet
Alexandra Park reader
Dante Hay Concerned student
Andrew Zawacki Contributor
Judson Evans None
Rachel Ronquillo Gray Poet
Stine Su Yon An reader
Lori A Crockett Subscriber
Briauna Taylor Poet
Mohammad Shafiqul Islam I'm a poet from Bangladesh
Katherine Davis Poet
Carlos Manuel Rivera Poet
Lily Gavazov subscriber
Lynne Procope Poet
Julia Lewis None
Rachel Ronquillo Gray Poet
Marcia Meier writer and subscriber
Chantz Erolin, Graywolf Press Editorial and Production Associate Reader, employee of partner organization for Emily Dickinson First Book Award
Jeff Shotts Executive Editor, Graywolf Press
Kate Hoyle Poet
Susan M. Schultz Founding editor, Tinfish Press; poet; professor
Sarah Thieneman Reader
Robert Masterson Writer
Julie Webb Poet
Elyse Hauser Reader
Alyssa Booking Assistant, Young Chicago Authors
Chessy Normile None
Samantha Bares Reader
Sawyer Stippich User
Rosa Student & Reader
Ethel Rackin poet, teacher
Alex Stein reader
Alison Braid Poet, Reader
Serena Schultz Poetry lover
Garvin None
Amelia Seidel Reader
Lara Katz Appreciative reader
Percy Byron Reader, Hopeful Poet
Bill Freind None
Monica Trinidad, For The People Artists Collective Co-Founder Former annual tabler at Chicago Poetry Block Party
Scott Wells subscriber
Hilesh Patel Reader and community member
Luke Lennon reader, poet
Hilesh Patel Reader and community member
Kennia Lopez Reader
Margaret Foley Poet
Katherine Fallon poet
Paul Viskanta Secondary Teacher, Language Arts
Maryn Hiscott Reader
Peter Soucy Poet
Elizabeth Hickson poet
JD Thornton Editor-in-Chief, Bad Pony Magazine
George Fragopoulos None
Emily Browne Poet
René Ostberg Reader and former Chicago resident
Steven R Weiner Subscriber
Winston TL Reader
Matthew Leger Poet, Reader
Tom Burtonwood Contributor / Subscriber
Jules Wood Poet
Jaimie Gusman Current Editor, Tinfish Press
James Lee Jobe Poet Laureate, City of Davis, California
JP Howard Poet
Daianna Karaian Reader
Steven Augustus Poet, Subscriber
Gerard Mitchell Subscriber
Linda Trimbath reader/editor/artist
Laura Matanah former subscriber
Trish Reid Reader
Kevin McLellan poet
Truth Thomas Poet, Editor, Cherry Castle Publishing
Katie Fowley Poet
Elisa Gall Reader & Librarian
Joel Craig Contributor
Meg Arbeiter reader, teacher
Sarah Aagard Reader
Sean Law Editor-in-Chief, NewYorkBird.com
Gregory Orr Poet, contributor
Eileen Rush Poet
Erin Hayden Programming performer
Celina Su contributor
Leslieann Hobayan poet and creative writing professor
Christine Kanownik PoetryNow contributor
Kat Rejsek Poet, Educator
Trisha Peck Reader
Lee Herrick Poet, contributor
Candria Slamin Poet, Reader
Sara Brickman Poet, Subscriber, Teacher
Clarissa Long N/A
Tara Stringfellow Poet & Novelist, Penguin Random House
sina queyras contributor
Maya Kamal Reader
Bridget G. Dooley Poet
Jeremy Gubman Reader
Emeralde Jensen-Roberts Reader
Clare Harmon former subscriber
liz gonzalez, poet and creative writing instructor reader
Jeff Fallis Poet and former subscriber
Janet Kaplan Poet, reader, AMP magazine editor, poetry prof.
Khalin Vasquez Poet
Julia Guez Contributor
Kate Lucas Poet and Reader
Kathryn Hudson open door reading series
bill tremblay none
Vivek Sharma Poet
Allyson Young poet, reader
Ejiofor Ugwu reader
Jack Lynch Poet
Martha Williams Reader
Elaine Sexton Contributor, reader
Noé Nelli Poet
Bernadette Karpa poet
Sharon Esther Lampert Poet, Philosopher, Prodigy Contributor
Angel Trujillo Award recipient
Liz McCabe subscriber, past programming partner
Anne Hartman teacher who has used the site as a tool
Angie Vorhies Poet, Reader
Jackson Holbert Poet
Hugh Suk Reader
Renée Alberts Poet
Fred Schmalz Poetry contributor, poet
Sara Guest Poet
Karrie Taggart No affiliation
Joshua Beauville The Film and Video Poetry Society Contributor
Joshua Beauville The Film and Video Poetry Society Contributor
Richard Fox poet
Lily Rex Former subscriber, poet, journalist
R.A. Stewart Poet, subscriber
Nick Demske Poet & BONK! Performance Series Director
Jennifer Karmin Chicago Poet, Red Rover Series Curator & Poetry Out Loud MC
Amanda Gonzalez-Piloto n/a
Bill Mohr Poet, Literary Historian
Santa Claus True follower
Mickey Mouse Caricaturist, Farleft Comics company
Josif Ctalin Bolshevik contributor
Devonnino Dorenzo Codewriter
Nathalie Anderson Poet
Edwin Torres Poet
Sage Morgan-Hubbard Poet
Erin Reid Arts Educator & Reader
Alana Hoskins Poet, former Poetry Out Loud NH State Champion
Randall Ellis Reader
Michael Dickman Poetry Magazien contributer
Vida Cross Reader
Margaret Hasse Subscriber,  on website compendium
Briona Lamback Reader
Michael Gottlieb Poet
Gerard Wozek Poet
A. Minetta Gould Poet
Isao Yamaguchi Poet
Claire Marie Stancek poet
Annette Covrigaru Poet & Reader
Marco Antonio Huerta former subscriber
contratiempo editorial board Program partner
Ally Young reader, poet
Ann Folwell Stanford Former subscriber
Rachel Cantzler reader
Adam Grabowski Poet  
Alessandra Visconti reader
Athena Kildegaard Poet, subscriber
Janet McAdams Contributor
Victoria Sockwell Poet
Megha Sood Poet and Editor
Gayatri Sethi Reader Poet
Kayla Serna reader
Timothy Bradford reader/teacher/former member
Kristen Marvin Reader
Mae Ramirez Poet
Isabella Vasquez N/A
Nick Walsh Chicago Poet/former subscriber
nami thompson contributor
Maureen Seaton Contributor
Iris A. Law Poet
Jennifer Steele Poetry Incubator, Program partner
Jennifer Kwon Dobbs reader, online contributor
Jordan Wilson-Dalzell Reader
Matthew Yeager Harriet Contributer
Kathleen Flenniken Contributor
Tehmina Khan Poet
H. V. Cramond poet, subscriber
D. E. (Doug) Green subscriber
Lucas Martínez reader
Carlina Duan reader
Kit Robinson Poet
Katherine C. James Poetry lover
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