7th and 8th Grade Select Your Elective
This is for students of PVMS to choose their electives for next year and to survey their view of our school and our performance as educators. We want to get better each year. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.
What Grade are you going into NEXT year?
First Name
Your answer
Last Name
Your answer
Last 4 digits of your school ID number
Your answer
I want to share some cool thoughts with our teachers. Who was your favorite this year? Tell me why in a few words.
Your answer
How do you feel about the following statement: I know I will graduate high school.
How do you feel about the statement below? I have a great future ahead of me.
I can think of many ways to get good grades.
I can find many ways around problems.
I have a mentor, an adult, who encourages my development.
I know I will find a good job in the future.
Now for our elective Questions........What is your first elective choice?
What is your second elective choice?
What is your third elective choice?
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