Thank you for your interest in booking VOICELINE! This performance request reflects a preliminary interest in booking VOICELINE but does not constitute a formal agreement. Please read each section carefully, and fill out everything as completely as possible before submitting. We ask that you not advertise this event until both parties have completed and signed the Performance Agreement which will be sent to you once your request has been approved by all appropriate parties.
Important items to consider:
• As the members of VOICELINE perform as volunteers and are active students of Utah Valley University, we require that you make your request at least 4 weeks in advance.
• VOICELINE is a performing group - not a “lounge act” - and as such is not well suited to provide background music, roaming music, or soloists.
• VOICELINE will not perform unless ALL members can attend the performance.
• Due to group performance rules and regulations, VOICELINE can only accept a limited amount of performances per semester. The earlier your request comes in, the better chance it has at being approved.
•While the members of VOICELINE perform as volunteers, there are always costs involved with running a performance group and therefore there will be costs involved for VOICELINE to perform which will be negotiated once your request has been approved.
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