30 West Highland Demolition & Dev
The historically contributing structure located at 30 West Highland Ave. is slated for demolition. The new development - projected to last at least 16 months - is a planned, multi-building, 8 unit, residential townhome complex with structures on 5 levels.

The Chestnut Hill Historic District Advisory Council has serious concerns about the plan. However, without community involvement, the projected plan will likely go through as is. Please add your contact information below to stay informed and to have your voice heard.

***  There is a degree of urgency here, and we would appreciate your feedback ASAP.  ***

Some of the primary concerns are:

- Elimination of (yet another) historically contributing structure from our village.
- The proposed scope and scale of the development relative to the shape and size of the lot.
- The proposed design is "out of character" for Highland Ave.
- Assuming 2.5 cans per unit, 8 units could bring 20+ trash cans to a short run along Highland Ave.
- The new buildings would dwarf surrounding structures, blocking out access, light and view.
- Parking, traffic, snow removal, stormwater management, loss of mature canopy etc.

Some of the project details can be found on the Conservancy's website, however the renderings provided were, in my opinion, not representative of the full scope and scale of the construction. There were other (more telling) renderings reviewed during the presentation to the HDAC, that were seemingly not made public.


This is a fantastic article recently featured in the Chestnut Hill Local, that talks about the desire for some to seek to maximize their own profit at the expense of what has brought many to this neighborhood.


If you have questions please call or text (215) 469 1310
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