Lovin' Spoonfuls Partnership Application
There is still great potential to up-cycle more food in our area. As we grow, we hope to work with more organizations serving the needs of the communities from which we rescue healthy, fresh foods. If your organization is interested in receiving perishable food donations from us, please complete the following questionnaire. As soon as we are able to meet the needs of your agency, we will be in contact!
Does your agency have 501-c3 tax status?
If you are not sure, please wait to fill out this questionnaire until you have answered this question. Having this tax status is a requirement to become a beneficiary organization of Lovin' Spoonfuls.
Does your organization provide services to a population that experiences food insecurity?
What is the mission of your organization?
Please provide the name of your organization and a brief description and history.
Your answer
If your agency has a website, please provide the address or a link.
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How many people do you serve per week?
Please specify the clients that will be receiving food assistance with the help of donations from Lovin' Spoonfuls.
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What type of food do you need?
Please provide an estimate of how much food you could use per delivery.
Often, we receive food donations in boxes that range in weight from 20-50 lbs. A typical grocery bag full of food that could last a week for one person might weigh somewhere between 10-30 pounds.
Your answer
Do you have cold storage?
What days and hours is there someone available on site to receive a donation?
We need someone available when we arrive to specify what your organization will be able to utilize from the product we have available. We need that person to be reachable by telephone. We operate 9-5 Monday through Friday, but please specify if you could accept donations after hours.
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Ideally, when can you receive donations?
Please keep in mind, we do not operate on Saturday or Sunday at this time.
How much flexibility can your organization exercise in terms of the product we have available?
The nature of food rescue is unpredictable. We can never guarantee that any certain type of product will be available. We provide our beneficiaries with what they need as best we can based on what we have and who else we are scheduled to deliver to on any given day.
Please elaborate if you chose either the second or third option above:
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Please provide the address to which we would make deliveries.
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Please provide the name, telephone number, and email address of the person we can reach to set up a new partnership.
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How did you hear about Lovin' Spoonfuls?
Did someone refer you to us? Did you find us on the internet? Did you see our trucks on the road, or at another organization?
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Is your agency a member of the Greater Boston Food Bank?
Please detail any additional information about your organization which may be pertinent to starting a partnership with Lovin' Spoonfuls.
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