Baseball By The Yard: One Year Anniversary Survey
My goal is to make the site the best of its kind! Your insight and feedback would be very helpful and appreciated!
What baseball level are you most involved with?
Which category best describes you?
How often do you come to the Baseball By The Yard site?
Which topic within baseball do you enjoy reading about the most?
Have you ever participated in an online seminar / webinar?
Have you ever participated in an online course?
If I offered online seminars / webinars and/or courses on the site, which topics would interest you the most?
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When you search for baseball content online, what do you mostly search for?
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How easy has it been to find what you are looking for online?
If audio interviews were added to the site, who would you like to hear from?
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I'd love to add testimonials to the site. If you are interested in giving one, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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Any other comments about the site or suggestions for improving it?
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