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K for Kids Foundation is a local charity serving out-of-home care children and families in Hong Kong
Title 稱呼
Last name 姓氏
First name 名字
Chinese Name 中文名字
HKID Card Number 香港身分證號碼
Date of Birth 出生日期
Nationality 國籍
Sex 性別
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Age 年齡
Marital Status 婚姻狀態
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Contact Number 聯絡號碼
Home Address 家居地址
Email 電郵
Emergency Contact 緊急聯絡人名字及電話號碼
English Language Skills 英語語文能力
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Chinese Language Skills 中文語文能力
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Have you ever volunteered with K for Kids Foundation before? 你是否曾經參與過 K for Kids Foundation 舉辦的活動?
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How did you learn about K for Kids Foundation? 你透過什麼渠道認識 K for Kids Foundation 的?
Why are you interested to volunteer with K for Kids Foundation? 你為什麼有興趣登記成為 K for Kids 義工?
Please list any skills, knowledge, experience that you would like us to take into consideration when placing you with one of our Departments for your full time volunteering experience. 請列出您的技能、知識和經驗以方便我們在分配義工工作時,作為參考。
Please indicate which event(s) you are able to attend  請選擇您將會參加的活動
Have you completed the COVID-19 vaccination and is able to show your vaccination record? 你是否已完成接種新冠疫苗並可出示接種紀錄?
I confirm that I am not the subject or any criminal proceedings in Hong Kong or elsewhere, nor have I been convicted of a criminal offence [which would make me unsuitable for the role].我確認我未曾在香港或其他地方有任何刑事訴訟或被判犯任何刑事罪行,使我不適合成為義工。
I am not aware of any reason why I should not be working closely with children, or in the role below for K for Kids Foundation. 我沒有任何原因使我不應與兒童們直接接觸,或成為義工。
Please tick each item you agree with. You do not have to provide the information; however, it may mean we are unable to proceed with your involvement with us, in order to protect the best interests of children. If you are unable to confirm the statements, it does not automatically exclude you from a position with us. You will be asked to discuss the details with a member of recruitment staff to allow them to assess the impact and risk any offence may pose to children in relation to your application position, please ask them if you are unsure about your suitability because of a criminal record or any other reason. 請在您同意的項目打勾。您不是必須提供以上資料,但為保護孩子的利益,這可能意味著我們未能進一步處理您的申請。如果您現在無法確認以上資料,我們不會排除您的申請,但您會被要求與相關職員作進一步討論,以便他們進行評估及了解任何違法行為有可能為兒童帶來的風險。如您對是否合適申請成為義工有任何疑問,歡迎向相關職員查詢。
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