Bring Your Own Device
The purpose of this agreement is to establish rules and requirements that must be met
by all staff members who bring personal electronic devices and/or connect to the Santa
Maria-Bonita School District (SMBSD) data network. The following standards will ensure
that the data network is not negatively impacted and that all resident systems remain
secure and intact. The privilege of connecting to our data network is provided for
the purpose of educating students and conducting school business.
I wish to petition the SMBSD Administration to be allowed to bring the aforementioned
portable computer or mobile device to the administration office or school specified.

I understand that this device is my personal property and not the property of the school
or district. As such, I understand that SMBSD can assume no responsibility for this
device and will be held blameless in the event of damage or loss. Furthermore, I
understand that “technical” support will be limited to the provision of an IP address for
internet access and that all other support needs are my own responsibility.
I understand that responsibility for the care of the device AND my behavior while using
this device belongs solely to me.
Use of personal devices on school or district grounds and/or access to the data network
is contingent upon prudent and responsible use. More specifically the undersigned
agrees to:

Avoid the knowing or inadvertent spread of computer viruses and to maintain
approved and functioning anti-virus software with up-to-date virus definitions. If
the undersigned does not have access to anti-virus software, the District will

Maintain a “clean” computer while connected to the network; do not download
software; do not open web mail, files, or macros attached to an e-mail from an
unknown source or execute unknown applications.

Not deliberately degrade the performance of the data network. Any activity with
the intention to create and/or distribute malicious programs into the data network
(e.g. viruses, worms, Trojan horses, e-mail bombs, etc.) is prohibited.
H:\Projects\Technology\BYOD\BYOD Waiver.doc

Abide by SMBSD’s the SMBSD Electronic Network User Rules and the
Employee Use of Technology (Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 4040),
which prohibits the use of the SMBSD network for illegal, inappropriate or
unethical purposes. It is in violation of this agreement to: 1) access, upload,
download or distribute inappropriate material; 2) transmit obscene, abusive or
inappropriate language; 3) violate any local, State or Federal statute; 4)
vandalize, damage, or disable the property of another person or organization; 5)
access another person’s materials, information or files without the implied or
direct permission of that person; 6) violate copyright, or otherwise use another
person’s intellectual property without their prior approval or proper citation.
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