Community-based Indigenous Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) Impact Research Project
Deadline extended to: January 25, 2019

Do you have 5 minutes? That is the only time it takes to fill out this REQUEST.

A member of an Indigenous community, First Nation OR a Tribal Council can assist in the design of an Adult Literacy program by completing this five minute questionnaire. The deadline has been extended to Dec. 10, 2018.

Out of 133 First Nations in Ontario, and 400+ survey emails, I want to THANK the 31 people who responded to the survey. If you have questions re: this survey or the project, please contact Barb Miller at

PURPOSE: to learn if there is the potential of increasing the number of LBS programs for the adult learners in high-demand communities and the potential of launching pilots to reach more literacy learners.

The Ontario Native Literacy Coalition (ONLC ) ( has undertaken this Indigenous LBS/Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) project to see if the leaders of First Nations communities in Ontario can see an opportunity of expansion of LBS/LES programs in and near their communities.

Nya:weh and thank you for your input into this project.

The survey can be accessed by clicking on the FILL OUT FORM button below to access the survey, or click this website:

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Please identify yourself and where you work or live.
What is the name of your First Nation Band in Ontario? *
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What is the name of the Chief of this First Nation community? *
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What is your first or last name (if different than the above name)
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What is the name of the organization or community where you work and its location? *
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What is your title in the organization or are you a community member?
Please provide some background of your FN community and the education services provided in or near your community.
What is the population of your First Nation community? *
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What was the # of students registered for secondary school in 2014? (Optional)
Of the number above, how many graduated in 2017-18?
What were the number of students requiring education support this year?
For more information about LES/LBS, refer to the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) -
What in your experience, are the current needs for literacy (LBS/LES) required for your community (math, reading, writing, high school diploma, GED)? Provide a brief description: *
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Are Indigenous LES/LBS needs being addressed in or near your community?
a. If not, what needs are missing?
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b. If yes, what strategies are in place to address Indigenous LES/LBS (language, transportation, funding, location, incentives, promotion, retention, etc.)?
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c. Is Indigenous language included in the LBS/LES program, or other community programs?
d. Is there a need for the inclusion of Indigenous languages in a LBS/LES program? *
e. If yes, what language/s should be included? *
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f. If no, why do you disagree with the inclusion of Indigenous languages?
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If you work for an organization, that offers an LBS/LES program, what is the # of clients served/year:
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What is the percentage out of the total number of students attending the LBS/LES program are women?
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Are you aware of any adult learners residing in your community interested in enhancing their literacy skills that could lead to a General Educational Development (GED) certificate or a secondary school or college diploma?
The ONLC offers an Indigenous holistic content curriculum. Would this type of programming and delivery be suitable in your community?
If no, what would be the barriers?
Your answer
Does your community have the capacity to deliver a community-based Indigenous LBS/LES program, i.e., tutor, facilities, internet, computers, etc.?
Would you support an accredited Indigenous University in Ontario as an alternative option for community-based Indigenous LBS graduates to attend?
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