CASFAA Awards Nominations
Each year CASFAA recognizes those individuals that have contributed to the organization as well as the financial aid profession. Please take a minute to nominate those individuals that have gone above and beyond in their responsibilities as financial aid professionals, as a CASFAA volunteer, and who have made a difference in student’s lives.

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Distinguished Service: The Distinguished Service Award is given to a member of the financial aid community, government official, private citizen, or a corporation or other organization for outstanding service to the profession. CASFAA membership is not a criterion for this award. Current members of the Executive Council are ineligible for this award.
Meritorious Service: The Meritorious Service Award is given to a CASFAA member in recognition of an outstanding achievement or accomplishment in the financial aid profession. To receive the award, the individual should have made either an important single accomplishment or contribution or several significant accomplishments or contributions. Current members of the Executive Council are eligible for this award.
Creative Leadership: The Creative Leadership Award is given to a CASFAA member who has demonstrated, through significant leadership, innovation in the profession.
Segmental Leadership: AwardsThe Segmental Leadership Award is given to a CASFAA member in each of the five segments in recognition of outstanding leadership in the segment, CASFAA, or the financial aid profession. Current members of the Executive Council are not eligible for this award. (please specify California Community College, University of California, California State University, Independent Colleges and Universities, Proprietary Colleges or Graduate/Professional)
Honorary Lifetime Membership: Lifetime Membership, CASFAA's highest honor, is given to a person who has made major and significant contributions to the profession over an extended period of time. Lifetime Membership awards are the highest awards CASFAA can make and should only be awarded in exceptional cases. Longevity is not, by itself, sufficient for the awarding of Lifetime Membership.
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