Google CTF Sponsorships
In order to support the community efforts on security education and research, Google is proud to sponsor security CTF competitions. We would like to sponsor up to 52 CTF competitions with GCP credits yearly. The goal of this form is to allow organizers to contact us, in order to allow us to provide the appropriate sponsorship.

You can expect to receive an initial response within a week, usually faster.
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Email *
Name of your CTF
ex: 35C3 CTF, Dragon CTF 2021, etc
Date of the CTF
Is this CTF online, and open to participation from the general public?
In the past 12 months, how many times has your team participated (as players) in other CTFs?
Please share links to the CTF teams involved with the organization of the event.
If available, please include links to for the teams.
Is this the first time you've organized a CTF competition?
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Please provide links to your CTF website/announcement
If available, please include links to the entry.
Please share links to resources related to previously organized CTFs, e.g. the scoreboard and/or writeups
If available, please include links to entries.
Will some of the challenges be open-sourced after the CTF is over?
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Will you do any write-ups explaining the intended solutions after the CTF is over?
If yes, we would suggest you use a Creative-Commons license.
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Will your CTF include challenges accessible to beginners?
These are challenges that can be solved with minimal experience in security and without any experience in CTFs.
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Would 500 USD in Google Cloud Platform credits be enough for your competition?
We think this should be sufficient for medium-large jeopardy-style CTFs, if you need more, we'll contact you if we are able to support your CTF. Note it might take a few months to get an answer.
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Could we mention publicly that we sponsored your CTF?
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Could you mention "Infra sponsored by" in your page or your scoreboard?
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Legal points
We are unable to issue credits to individuals who are on sanctions lists, or who are in countries (e.g. Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria) on sanctions lists. There may be additional restrictions on your ability to apply depending upon your local law. You should understand that we can cancel the program at any time and the decision as to whether or not to issue a coupon has to be entirely at our discretion.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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