【TCJ】ご友人紹介しよう! / Refer a Friend to TCJ


【Gifts for introducers】
If the person who introduced you passed the TCJ interview,
We will give you a "TCJ teddy bear".
* Products are ordered individually each time, so it may take some time before delivery.

【Applicable condition】
* One teddy bear will be presented for each friend introduced.
* No matter how many times you introduce.
* Presented when a friend has passed the study abroad interview.
* Not applicable if your friend has already been interviewed.
* Please scan this QR code or click this link to Google form to reception.
* Teddy bear gifts are presented only to residents of Japan.
紹介者 情報 / Referrer information
お名前 / Your name *
メールアドレス / Email address *
あなたは在校生ですか?卒業生ですか? / Are you a student or graduate? *
在校生なら学籍番号、卒業生なら卒業年月を教えてください。/ If you are a current student, please tell us your student ID number, and if you are a graduate, please tell us your graduation date.
現在あなたは日本国内 / 日本国外にいますか?/ Current Residence *
この友人紹介キャンペーンはどこで知りましたか? / How do you know this campaign. *
紹介される人 / Referee information
入学希望者の氏名 / Full name *
入学希望者の国籍 / Nationality *
入学希望者のメールアドレス / Email address *
ご紹介ありがとうございました! / Thank you for your refer.
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