Run for RLadies
Hey internet!

Thanks for your interest in the "Run for RLadies" online event 💪

Let me explain how it works:

- Using this form, you can select a runner to "sponsor": every runner has an expected distance they will run.
- On the weekend of the 3 and 4 of October, the registered runners will go for a run, matching the amount of kilometers they have declared they will do.
- Once this run is done, you'll receive a mail (probably on the Monday after that), with the distance that each runner has accomplished.
- You will match 1 $/€ by kilometer run for the runner you've selected, by doing a donation to R-Ladies through their website (there is a little button on the bottom right of the website


- Q: I'm a runner, and I want to be a part of it!
- A: Of course, please join :) Feel free to reach out either on the RStats Strava Club (, or by sending me an email/DM on Twitter ( Note that you can definitely register as a runner without having a Strava account.

- Q: What happens if a runner that said they'd do 20km end up doing 40km?
- A: This event will work on trust: if a runner says they'll do 20km, I trust them to do so. And of course, even if they do more, you will definitely be free to do a donation of the amount of your choice.  

- Q: Can I select multiple runners?
- A: Of course!

- Q: What happens if I change my mind/can't do a  donation after all?
- A: As said before, this event is built on trust, and there will be absolutely no check to see if someone registered here is actually making a donation. You're totally free to register to sponsor and don't do the donation. You're free to give less, free to give more. I just hope that if you are registering here to sponsor someone to do a 20k, you are ok with giving 20k/€ when the time comes.

- Q: Why this event?
- A: In the past, every time I've talked about the fact that it's possible to do a donation online to initiatives like RLadies, or to the RProject, most people seems to like the idea, they just don't know that was possible. I believe that most of us are ok with the idea of making a donation for RLadies—it's just that we don't think about doing it.

- Q: Why are you collecting emails?
- A: I'm collecting emails to send the results when this is finished. You will not receive any other kind of mail by me using the mail you're providing.

- Q: Is this event affiliated to RLadies or Strava?
- A: Nop, this is an initiative by me (Colin Fay). I reached out to RLadies to get there agreement to launch that.

Q: I have another question
A: Feel free to reach out to me. That will probably work best through Twitter, or via mail contact(at)colinfay(dot)me

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