[IMPORTANT: While this form is still open for new entries, those who fill it out will not be invited to attend minyanim until Shabbat of 7/17.]

CST is ready to begin conducting safe indoor minyanim, beginning with Minhah on Friday, 6/12, for all services going forward. These minyanim require significant coordination to ensure that they can take place with proper adherence to the rules designed to keep our community safe.

This form is for each individual to complete - even members of the same household should complete this form separately.

If you previously completed the form for outdoor minyanim, this form will be shorter and easier to complete. Please make sure to fill it out in any event, so we can confirm that you plan to continue attending with this new format. At this point, our schedule is set and we will only make adjustments to already established minyanim as needed.

Note that our opening up does not obligate minyan attendance; you are certainly entitled to be more cautious and continue praying alone. That being said, if you do not have concerns related to COVID-19 and you can adhere to the safety rules, we hope you can attend.
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