Passport to Adventure Camp Evaluation
a 2018 Soapstone Ridge Cub Twilight Camp

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Rank *
Youth Evaluation
With your scout, rate the following activities with Way Cool, Ok Cool and No Way!
Way Cool!!!
Ok Cool
No Way!
1. Cooking I (empanadas & french toast)
2. Archery
3. Game Truck
4. Painting the Sistine Chapel
5. Cooking II (plaintains & guava juice, spring rolls)
6. Basketball
7. Cricket mini-camp
8. Crafts (Oje Di Dios, masks, oregami)
Did you have fun?
Do you want to come to Cub Camp next year?
Would you bring your best friend?
Were the activity leaders nice?
What would make Cub Camp be even better? (Scout's answer)
Your answer
Parent Evaluation
Scouts won’t come back on their own! Parents, please rate the following areas.
Too Expensive
A Little High
Good Value
9. Camp Fee ($65)
Didn't See Much
Did a Few Things
Good Start to New Rank
10. Advancement
Would you bring your scout back?
Did you like the leaders?
Would you like to volunteer next year?
If so, please give us your name, phone number, and email address:
Your answer
Did your unit Key 3 (Cubmaster, Chartered Organization Representative, or Committee Chair) tell you about camp?
What is the best way to reach out to the families in your unit?
Your answer
(What we did good/ not so good, cost of camp, reasons for any "NO" above, check-in, leaders, activities, how to improve camp, etc.)
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