2020 MaST Transfer Application - Sophomores & Juniors
Cooperative Innovative High School is a unique opportunity for students who are ready for the challenge of a non-traditional model in that they will need to learn time management, study skills, and independent learning at a faster rate than their peers at the traditional schools. This doesn't mean we focus on high academics only, rather the work ethic of the student. We currently serve those with ELL, AIG, IEP, and 504s.

It's different from traditional high school. Students must be able to follow rules as they have boundaries and expectations but this model allows for more freedom as we are on a college campus. Students are expected to participate in rigorous discussions (some adult topics at times), ask questions, use technology to the fullest, and challenge themselves academically at both the high school and college level. Again, students must have a good work ethic and support from home, no matter their academic level.

Students are responsible for the shape and scope of their education, working with college advisors and the high school counselor. Their schedules are very individualized and they may not be in classes with their peers. Students can obtain trade certifications, an associates degree or up to 60 hours of transferable credits. Students need the courage and confidence to step off the traditional education treadmill.

Cooperative Innovative High Schools differ in that we are small and do not afford a large variety of extracurricular activities. Students are allowed to play sports at their district high school but families are responsible for transportation for the majority of athletic events. We offer SGA, FCA, YoungLIfe, Speech & Debate, and a variety of clubs based on Carteret Community College programs. Students need the parental support from home as this model offers times when transportation is needed.
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